Zyban effectively helps to quit smoking

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In the world there are a variety of methods to end nicotine dependence. But, unfortunately, not all methods are effective and safe, so you need to know as much as possible about the method of treatment chosen by you. This is why we present a wonderful medication to combat the bad habit called Zyban.

According to scientists, at the present time around the globe about a billion people are active smokers. In the process of habituation to tobacco, these people develop severe nicotine dependence. A significant part of them — about 90% — declares their intention to quit smoking. But only 5% of individuals really give up this awful habit.

But those, who use Zyban to quit smoking, admit that it is a great helper that reduces the desire to smoke.

An interesting fact is that its property to restrain the inexorable craving for smoking was discovered quite by accident. At the time of clinical trials of a new antidepressant, which contained an active ingredient bupropion in its basis, it was found that the patients receiving the drug began to actively quit smoking.

What is Zyban principle of action and effect the body?

The mechanism of action of Zyban pills is very simple; nevertheless, it has very high efficiency, as they neutralize one of the main prerequisites for smoking — the pleasure obtained during this process. Let's try to figure out how it happens.

Since school, we remember that everything that happens in our organism, and the emotions we experience too, is controlled by hormones, including a sense of happiness. The dopamine hormone is responsible for this emotion and it is produced when a person smokes. So, the active ingredient of this medication prevents the neutralization of dopamine in the body. In the process of quitting smoking, when it is especially difficult to live without tobacco and it seems that there is not enough willpower, the smoker receives the necessary hormonal support. Due to this "help", the content of dopamine in the body increases, this leads to a decrease in the feeling of psychological discomfort and a feeling of stress.

Thus, Zyban is truly a unique medication. Unlike other medicinal products that are taken for the same purpose, it does not support the required level of nicotine in the body and it does not deceive the body. The sphere of influence of Zyban is the brain.

This is a very important point, since many people who quit smoking are beginning to experience increased irritability, anxiety and increased appetite, which leads to excess weight. So if you really want to get rid of the addictive habit of smoking, but you are afraid that you will not be able to overcome the side effects, then Zyban will come to your aid. Seven to nine weeks — this is the duration of the course of taking the medication, during which you will really achieve success in overcoming dependence on nicotine.

Also, the medicine contains ancillary components that exclude any chances to gain weight if you refuse regular use of nicotine, which makes this medicinal product attractive for use in the eyes of many women.

Another undoubted advantage of this medication — a smoker doesn’t need to abruptly give up cigarettes, which means that a person will not experience any psychological or physiological stress. It should be noted that the simultaneous smoking and use of these pills do not have any negative impact on the human body. During the first seven days you need to take one pill a day. On the eighth day, the dose increases: twice a day take one pill.

In general, Zyban dosing is chosen in each individual case, but you can find this information in Zyban instruction.

 This medication has some contraindication; it is not suitable for children, nursing and pregnant women, people with serious chronic diseases and those who have undergone heart and brain surgery.

If a smoker is elderly or in case of simultaneous use of other medicines, the initial dosage is maintained the same as at the beginning, that is, only one pill is consumed daily. How to take Zyban properly?

  • Wash down the pills with plenty of clean, cool (but not cold) water. It is strictly forbidden to dissolve, chew, crack or in any other way destroy the integrity of the pills
  • Never experiment with doses, as if you decrease or increase it, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired effect
  • The interval between taking two pills should be at least eight hours
  • The course of treatment usually makes three to six weeks
  • It is necessary to reduce the number of alcoholic beverages, ideally — to abandon them altogether. Zyban and alcohol make really bad combination. This recommendation is given in connection with the fact that the product exacerbates the reaction of alcohol to the body
  • Only your trusted health care provider can decide whether to reduce or completely stop using Zyban before the due date
  • If you intend to use other drugs that have a stimulating effect on the rejection of cigarettes, you should inform your physician about it
  • If you missed a pill, then the drug should not be taken immediately, but after a set period of time, that is, not earlier than eight hours. It is forbidden to double a single dose. Those individuals who believe that increasing a Zyban dose will give an additional effect and increase the degree of its pharmacological effect on the body are categorically mistaken. This is a mistaken opinion, moreover, the risk of overdose will increase dramatically, and this will negatively affect your well-being

Zyban reviews say that this medicine is effective even in neglected cases, in the treatment of people who smoke from 10 cigarettes to two packs a day.

The main problem of Zyban is the possibility of obtaining dependence on the medication itself, as in the case of using any other antidepressant. But this trouble can be avoided if you follow the doctor's instructions clearly and do everything as he advises.

Also, according to online pharmacy reviews, Zyban is rather expensive. But it is much cheaper to buy it online. However it is available in many drugstores at different prices.

Another drawback of the product is the risk of repeated cravings for smoking immediately after stopping the medication. This is due to the weak will and moral unpreparedness of the smoker to his or her personal struggle with the dependence on cigarettes.

We recommend that you seek medical advice if any of the Zyban side effects listed below are observed for a long time or cause you a sense of anxiety. So, during the course of taking the drug, the following can be observed:

  • Diarrhea, constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea, loss of appetite
  • Drowsiness or insomnia
  • Stomach ache
  • Anxiety, nervousness

For many decades, Zyban has been in demand on the world pharmaceutical market, which undoubtedly indicates its high efficiency and safety. Scientific experts in the field of pharmacology are unanimous in the positive evaluation of the drug as a means for getting rid of nicotine addiction.

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