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Viruses are the smallest pathogens causing a variety of illnesses. Particularly awful are those that enter the cells, as it is completely impossible to destroy them they are securely covered with a cell membrane. For the fight against them that Zovirax drug was created. For more than a decade, it and its analogues are prescribed for herpesviruses. This is a family of viruses, living in bodies of 90% of the planet's population. Today, we will consider this medication, the way it is most often used, and reviews about it.

The family of herpesviruses consists of 8 viruses, among which:

  • Herpes 1 and 2 type
  • Epstein-Barr virus
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Chickenpox
  • Herpes virus (6, 7 and8 types)

For many years these viruses live in the body, causing much comorbidity with a weakened immunity of the patient. But at the same time, herpes, which is diagnosed practically in the entire population of our planet, no one considers serious illness. For most people, this is just an unpleasant cosmetic disadvantage. That’s a wrong approach, as this illness causes serious complications some strains even can cause the oncology. Today, medical professionals associate the family of herpes viruses with miscarriages, congenital malformations, and immunodeficiency states. Fortunately, not always it manifests itself in such an aggressive form, because everything depends on the strain of the virus and the state of immunity. That is why herpes, if it has already got into the body, it is important to constantly monitor and prevent the reduction of the protective forces of the body.

The main function of Zovirax is the antiviral effect that this product performs in relation to herpes viruses. It is introduced into a cell (in which the virus has already settled down) where it destroys the DNA of the virus, which prevents its reproduction. At the same time, the cells of the human remain undamaged.

So let's figure out which diseases Zovirax 200 mg is used for? Instruction for use says: In case of herpes on the skin and mucous membranes, both in the primary and in the exacerbation phase Genital herpes Shingles In case of chickenpox in the first day after the appearance of a rash With cytomegalovirus For people with severe immunodeficiency caused by chemotherapy, HIV infection, immunization-suppressing agents for the prevention of simple herpes infections The product is used both for the prevention of infections of herpesviruses, as well as with their neglected forms. The difference is only in the dosage

Is Zovirax harmful? This is perhaps the most important thing that interests people who have the need to be treated with this medicine. The answer is ambiguous. Like other antiviral medications, Zovirax pills can cause adverse reactions in the body. When used, the following Zovirax side effects are possible: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive fatigue, headache, allergic reaction to the drug.

People suffering from kidney disease should be particularly careful about Zovirax, as it adversely affects work of these organs. Therefore, such people require correction of Zovirax dosage. Usually, as the manufacturers of Zovirax state, this medical product is well tolerated and not toxic to the body. But it is not wise to take it constantly for suppression of herpes viruses it is harmful to the liver. In addition, over time, the virus gets used to the medicine, and it ceases to help.

It is possible to buy Zovirax over the counter. In drugstores this medical product can be found in 3 forms:

  • Zovirax ointment. Local use is especially popular for the treatment of the notorious cold sores
  • Pills. To get rid of symptoms of more "deepened" herpes
  • Powder for intravenous injection

Zovirax is not prescribed to pregnant women due to a lack of data on its safety for future mothers. At the same time during lactation period, it is contraindicated, since it partially leaves the body of the mother with the breast milk. In case of an acute need for this medical product, the baby should be fed with baby formula. For the elderly, when treated with Zovirax it is recommended to drink water in large quantities. Zovirax is not recommended to be combined with alcoholic drinks (although there is no direct evidence of its interaction with alcohol), because, like any other antiviral, in combination with alcohol, the drug can cause allergies, kidney damage, etc.

Can children be treated with this medical product?

Since the effect of Zovirax in pills on the body of infants has not been studied, it is not recommended to give this medicinal product to infants. If a child is sick with chickenpox, it is prescribed both inwardly and externally. But kids younger than 1 year are very rarely ill with this ailment. Ointment for relief of herpes symptoms can be used by babies from 1 month.

Given the prevalence of the herpes virus, many people have experience of taking Zovirax. For most people this product became a real salvation, as the active ingredient of the product acyclovir is usually well tolerated by the body and rarely causes negative consequences.

Zovirax reviews say that this product is not very expensive compared to other similar products. Besides, it is even cheaper online, so for many people makes sense to purchase this medical product from the best rated online pharmacy. Efficiency is another undeniable advantage. This product helps very quickly, in a matter of days, to eliminate the symptoms of herpes. Moreover, due to its immunomodulatory properties herpes does not bother the patient for a long time. But this product is used not only for the purposes described above. Practice shows that it is effective against cold and flu viruses, as well as rotavirus. After taking Zovirax, fever is rapidly lowered, and overall the patient feels much better. But if you want to take this product for flu, better talk to your attending physician first.

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