When to use Pletal?

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Pain in the leg without apparent causes often begins in the waist region and goes to the buttocks, then spreads over the back of the thigh and reaches the lower leg, and even fingertips. Sometimes the pain can irradiate to the inner and anterior surface of the thighs, but still the first variant of the pain syndrome appears much more often. The most frequent cause is the spine problem but what if it's not then there is a possibility of thrombosis and other serious diseases. If it is a problem with the arteries or joints then there are special medications that can help to reduce all the manifestations. 

Cilostazol (commercial name Pletal), which reduces pain arising from intermittent claudication by expanding (dilating) arteries and forming collateral vessels during prolonged admission, thereby improving the flow of blood and oxygen to the legs. It facilitates walking and improves blood circulation of the legs due to the fact that this medication stimulates the multiplication of smooth muscle cells. But the biggest advantage is that it prevents the formation of blood clots. Pletal is used to increase the maximum distance of painless walking, provided there is no pain at rest, as well as signs of tissue necrosis. 

It is one of the main medicines for the treatment of lower limb arteries in combination with drugs that improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blood clots. To expect a result from this drug you should after 16 weeks of therapy, but if after half a year you do not see visible results, you need to see a doctor to review the course of treatment.  Although the mechanism of its action is not entirely clear, but the fact that it improves peripheral blood flow is shown reliably. Pletal side effects are associated with cardiac dysfunction. Now, chronic heart failure is considered a contraindication. And this severely limits its use in patients with ischemia of the lower extremities: there are many cores among them, atherosclerosis is a systemic phenomenon. 

Often a well-known disease like diabetes gives complications to the feet. Approximately 25-35% of people with diabetes have leg problems during their lifetime. The probability of their appearance increases with age. Diseases of the feet with diabetes bring a lot of trouble to doctors and patients, but unfortunately, there is still no simple solution to this problem, but it is quite possible to reduce pain with the help of Pletal

Currently, along with Pentoxifylline for the treatment of patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower extremities is recommended Pletal. Its comparison with Pentoxifylline showed that the use of the latter to a greater extent contributes to increasing the distance of painless walking. At the same time, the quality of life of patients practically did not change. It more often causes side effects like: headache, palpitations, and gastrointestinal disorders. Taking into account the accumulated experience, patients are recommended first to take Pentoxifylline, and then with its good tolerability Pletal

Also this drug is used in other cases. The antiplatelet drug Pletal, which is commonly used for treating peripheral arterial atherosclerosis, provides sufficient clinical protection in patients after stenting who have to discontinue the use of dual antiplatelet therapy (the combination of Clopidogrel with acetylsalicylic acid is widely used in patients with atherosclerosis to prevent arterial thrombosis after implantation of intravascular endoprostheses (stents) and in the post-infarction period) because of emergency surgical intervention. Also is positive an 8-year experience of using drug outside the recorded indications as a temporary therapy in the perioperative period in patients with paclitaxel-releasing stents who have to interrupt DAT. Their results showed that against the background of taking ad-valent doses of Pletal and the resumption of DAT within 48 hours after the operation, the patients did not have undesirable cardiac events. Typically, medications were canceled 8 days before surgery, and the next day thereafter, drug was taken at a dose of 100 mg twice a day. In the case of operations with a low or moderate risk of bleeding, medication was discontinued 24-30 hours before surgery, and DAT was resumed 12-24 hours after the intervention. In 171 out of 183 patients who had this scheme fully complied with, there were no undesirable events at all. Even in cases where the Pletal dose was lowered due to tolerability problems or more was taken for more than a brief period before surgery, a combined intake of more than 500 mg of the drug provided no clinical events. 

But still, its main advantage is that it removes pain in the legs, which allows the patient to walk fully, and also beneficially affect the improvement of blood flow in the lower limbs. That is why it is worth to try it if you have one of the symptoms that can be treated by Pletal and if you want to buy it then before that you should read all the Best Online Pharmacy Reviews.

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