What is Flomax used for?

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It is difficult to imagine that some time ago the operation was practically the only method of combating benign neoplasms of the prostate gland. Hyperplasia of the prostate gland gradually comes to the leading position among diseases diagnosed in men. The problem is also to reduce the age of patients who are affected by pathology. Problems with urination, discomfort during intercourse - all these problems are increasingly affecting men under 30 years old. The causes of this disease lie in many factors from banal excessive abstinence to the defeat of the genitourinary system by infections. To prevent the increasing symptoms that can lead to infertility, oncology and impotence, intensive treatment should begin.

It is good that science is moving forward. Today, in medicine, there are more than 150 different drugs that are successfully used to treat BPH. One of them is Flomax. It is a modern medicinal product made on the basis of tamsulosin. In this article we will explain what is Flomax used for and describe its main action.

Getting into the body, it begins to affect all smooth muscles, which greatly improves the urine flow in the ureters and prevents pressure on the prostate gland. This significantly reduces the rate of pathological proliferation of organ tissues and improving the state of the genitourinary system. Absorption of the active substance occurs in the gastrointestinal tract within a few minutes after ingestion. The real therapeutic effect in most patients is only visible after two weeks of regular use. The main substance and the products of its disintegration are excreted only through the kidneys, which should be taken into account at the beginning of the course of therapy.

Conducted clinical studies prove that regular intake of Flomax positively affects the health of the male genitourinary system. It reduces the tone of the smooth muscles of the urino-genital organs, improves the flow of urine, relieves pain and cramps during urination, stimulates blood circulation. The therapeutic effect occurs within the first two weeks of the start of treatment. The drug has a high absorption.

It is recommended to take medication only in the morning after breakfast. Regardless of the severity of the patient's condition and the severity of the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia, the Flomax dosage is 0.4 mg. Most experts recommend swallowing capsules in the sitting or standing position, which will not allow the capsule to linger in the esophagus, initiating the release of the active substance. Duration of drug use is determined individually for each patient, taking into account his age and health status.

Patients should pay attention to its interaction with other drugs. Some of them are not recommended for simultaneous application.

• Cimetidine can increase the concentration of main ingredient in the blood plasma. Preparations based on it are allowed for simultaneous administration with Flomax, but under the strict supervision of a specialist. If side effects occur, Cimetidine should be temporarily discontinued.

• Preparations based on Furosemide may slightly reduce the concentration of main substance in the blood.

• Simultaneous administration of CYP3A4 inhibitors can increase the effect of Flomax. Patients with a low metabolism of CYP2D6 should not combine the drug with strong inhibitors of CYP3A4.

• Warfarin and Diclofenac accelerate the rate of excretion of the drug from the body.

In some cases, the use of Flomax is accompanied by arterial pressure, which can provoke unconsciousness. In the first symptoms of orthostatic hypotension appear, the patient should lie down and do not change the position until they disappear completely. Before treatment with Flomax is recommended to pass a medical examination, within which the presence of signs of BPH. It is also recommended to perform rectal examination of the prostate and regularly monitor the level of specific antigen of the prostate.

On the Internet you can find many Flomax reviews. Most patients respond positively. Many are satisfied with the therapeutic effect achieved during treatment. The reviews confirm that Flomax removes the main symptoms that accompany benign prostatic hyperplasia. As a result of taking the medicine, the severity of the characteristic signs of the disease almost doubles after three months of therapy. After the course of therapy, there is a significant improvement in the quality of life, by the end of therapy the symptom score is reduced by 3/4. The first results are noticeable already at the 2-3 week of therapy. Admission has a positive effect on urodynamics, to achieve effectiveness in the fight against inflammation shows the combination of the drug with other therapies.

Tablets relieve spasms, improve the flow of urine, normalize night sleep, and eliminate pain. The main disadvantage, according to users of the network, is the presence of contraindications and Flomax side effects that occur in approximately 20% of patients taking the medication. If there were no problems with arterial pressure before the beginning of treatment, they will not occur in the process. In some reports, information on side effects is indicated, patients notice dizziness, headache. Many indicate not affordable price of the drug and in that case you can choose Flomax generic which you can buy all over the world in every international online pharmacy.

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