What is Diovan?

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Increased pressure can provoke a variety of dangerous diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. Not always hypertension makes itself felt in the early stages, manifested even when the disease is diagnosed. To help to normalize the pressure, as well as relieve cardiovascular disease, an expensive but highly effective drug Diovan can.
This drug from high blood pressure has an expanding effect on arterioles (small arteries) and veins (venules). The increase in the lumen of the vessels reflects the distribution of blood in the vascular bed. The drug is prescribed by physicians for the management of elevated blood pressure. It is effective for eliminating cardiac arrhythmia, disturbances in the functioning of the vascular system.
The medication is produced in tablet form. The weight of biconvex tablets of yellowish (pinkish) color is 40, 80, 160 mg. Tablets are used orally as before eating, that and after. According to the instructions, the initial intake of Diovan preparation at high pressure should be 80 mg at a time during a day. The medicine should be washed down with a sufficient amount of water. Its operation begins in two hours. A stable hypotensive effect is observed with the use of the drug for two to three weeks.
Peripheral vasodilator contributes to:
• Improved blood circulation in blood vessels,
• Lowered blood pressure,
• And it normalizes the functioning of the heart muscle.
The dose of Diovan can be increased to 160 mg / day if the blood pressure increases periodically. The instruction to the medicine also contains information that the medicine perfectly combines with other antihypertensive agents, including diuretics. Since tablets effectively improve blood circulation, their application is justified under such conditions:
• During frequent pressure surges caused by weather, overexertion, various diseases, etc.,
• In case of chronic heart failure (it is included in the treatment schedule prescribed by the physicians).
• To prevent strokes (heart attacks) in patients with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity.
• With acute myocardial infarction, provoked by ventricular failure (left ventricular pathology).
Despite the many positive reviews about Diovan from people with various ailments, the drug cannot be used to lower pressure during the following conditions:
1. In case of tumoral processes in the biliary tract.
2. Iin kidney and liver dysfunction.
3. For individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
4. In cases of metabolic disorders, which caused liver damage.
5. With lactose insufficiency.
6. With frequent attacks of hypotension.
There are no data on the use of Valsartan (main substance) in pregnancy. Renal perfusion of the fetus, which depends on the development of RAAS, begins to function in the third trimester. The risk to the fetus increases with the admission of drug in the II and III trimesters. When establishing pregnancy, therapy with the drug should be immediately discontinued. There is no data on the isolation of Valsartan with breast milk. Therefore, if you need to use the drug during lactation, you should decide whether to stop breastfeeding or to cancel therapy, given its importance for the mother. Also, according to the instructions to the drug, it cannot be taken until the age of eighteen, during the period of bearing the baby, while breast feeding the baby.
According to the reviews of patients, when taking the drug, sleep improves, irritation disappears, and work capacity increases. Also in their reviews, patients pay attention to the significant effect when combined with taking the drug with aerobics, regular walking, and deliberate weight loss. Some patients in the reviews note that taking Diovan pills caused dizziness, headache, as there was a sharp drop in blood pressure. Some patients note the appearance of a feeling of "shatter", edema, and nosebleeds. Reviews of patients of different ages confirm the effectiveness of the drug before and after eating.
Medication should be taken after consultation with doctors. Be sure to consider that exceeding the norm can lead to loss of consciousness, collapse.
Hypertensive disease is a progressive disease, and over time one hypotensive drug is not enough. The optimal solution is a drug that combines the properties of two groups of antihypertensive agents and then often are used medications where is combined valsartan with other substance that is why in more serious diagnosis doctors prescribe medications with even improved action then Diovan drug.
In the Internet, you can find a sufficient number of reviews about the drug Valsartan, for example: "To my husband doctors prescribed the use of Diovan tablets after he suffered a heart attack. Then his state of health was very bad, and I was very much afraid for him. However, gradually - not immediately, but about 15 days later his condition began to improve noticeably. I believe that this manifested the effect of tablets. As a result, he had a normal rhythm and blood pressure. "
Sarah writes about side effects: "I took the first pill, the pressure about six hours later did not go down. However, there was a strong enough noise in the ears. In addition, the hearing has significantly worsened." Which explains that for somebody it can be a magic pill and some people did not notice any effect of it.

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