What causes wrinkles?

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Women and wrinkles are the most implacable enemies! Women have always tried and will be trying to overcome this phenomenon. And in order to defeat the enemy, one must know it well.

Physiologists and physicians assert that wrinkles are changes in the skin condition that have to do with old age and they are a result of the normal vital activity of a healthy organism; it is a physiological process, a manifestation of inevitable aging of any living organism that begins to age from the moment of birth.

The newborn skin is elastic, smooth it has a nice color this is due to the large content of water and elastic fibers, as well as a thin and transparent upper layer. With age, it becomes more and more like the skin of an adult.

Wrinkles are different, and not all of them are a sign of old age. You should know that some types of wrinkles generally have nothing to do with old age and we owe their appearance to our own habits.

Dynamic or mimic wrinkles are the result of a constant contraction of facial muscles, for example, you have a habit of frowning or raising one eyebrow, or narrowing your eyes. Because of these actions skin folds are formed at the same place. But as soon as you change your change your facial expression, the skin immediately straightens out, but over time on these places appear mimic (dynamic) wrinkles. They are usually formed by the age of 35, but they can appear much earlier by the age of 20. To delay the appearance of such wrinkles you must learn to control your emotions and facial expressions.

Static or gravitational wrinkles — this is already a disappointing and inevitable sign that we are getting older. They appear on average after 40 years. By this age, the skin loses its former elasticity, which is explained by the loss of elastin and collagen, acquires a grayish shade the result of slowing blood circulation. The water content in the tissues also decreases noticeably. The very name suggests that the skin is hanging, as if slipping down. What can help in this case? Take proper care of yourself, eat healthy and moisturize the skin.

These two types may eventually be combined with each other and thus appear combined wrinkles.

In addition to what we have already discussed, wrinkles are very different depending on their depth. Epidermal wrinkles — superficial wrinkles affect the uppermost layer of the skin. They can look like a little noticeable mesh. Dermal wrinkles are a continuation of the development of the previous type, which deepen and become more noticeable. Deep wrinkles are already deep enough folds of the skin. They are characteristic for the skin prone to gravitational changes.

Of course, all people have wrinkles, they appear differently due to several reasons, these are a genetic predisposition and lifestyle, face care and nutrition and many other factors. Therefore, at the same age, the faces of different people look quite different.

What are the causes of wrinkles? These reasons can be divided into two categories: external and internal. Let's first discuss the external factors.

Today everyone in the world is concerned and discusses bad ecology. Contaminated air, dirty water all this, of course, is unpleasant, but how does this relate to the appearance of wrinkles? Everything is very simple: such living conditions promote the formation of free radicals in the body. These are "spoiled" molecules that have lost one electron, and they tend to take this missing electron from other molecules, thus launching a process of destruction of tissues in the body, including skin tissues. The destruction of collagen and elastin molecules adversely affects the elasticity and density of the skin, contributes to premature wrinkles. All you can do to improve the situation is to take care of yourself, rest and take anti-aging vitamins, if your physician approves.

Ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate deep into the skin and damage its cells, while the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid slows down, as a result, the skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity, pigment spots, vascular sprouts, wrinkles appear. Moreover, with age, the negative effect of the sun on the skin intensifies.

Dry air is dangerous for the skin in that it “steals” moisture from the skin, dehydrating it, making it thin and dry. As a result, the skin grows old faster.

Now let's discuss internal causes of wrinkles:

  • Heredity every organism is programmed at the genetic level, including the physiological aging processes, if your grandparents got old early, then this is a reason to follow all the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and caring for yourself to stay young looking
  • Way of life the way we live our lives and our habits directly influence our health and, as a consequence our appearance
  • Diseases are not capable of making anyone more beautiful, it is quite obvious. When we’re sick, the body does anything it can to fight the disease, so the skin does not get either adequate nutrition or enough energy
  • Repetitive facial movements will inevitably lead to the formation of premature facial wrinkles, which over time deepen and make the face look older
  • You should pay attention to how often you touch your face: rub your eyes, touch the chin with your hands — these seemingly innocuous habits stretch the skin, weaken the muscles of the face, and therefore, contribute to the appearance of new wrinkles
  • It is also important in what position you sleep, the optimal position is to sleep on your back, in this case the skin of the face is least deformed and traumatized
  • Another of our "enemies" is a bad mood, because when we frown the muscles of the face oval relax, which provokes the appearance of early wrinkles. Smile, on the contrary, keeps the muscles in a tone and make us look charming
  • The skin is equally damaged by dramatic weight loss and rapid weight gain, which may be due to diet or pregnancy or menopause. The skin does not have time to tighten or stretch, as a result sagging of the skin, formation of stretch marks etc.
  • Wrong choice of cosmetics and care products depending on the type of skin and age, the use of low quality cosmetics, improper application of it also destroys our skin
  • And the last, but perhaps the most important, factor is time. From the very birth of a living organism, biological clocks are launched, inexorably counting the minutes, hours, days, years… And every day we become more mature, older. Exchange processes gradually slow down, which affects the condition of the body as a whole and the skin in particular

Once the appearance of wrinkles is such an inevitable process, is it possible to fight them? Sure, it is possible and necessary! We need only remember that our task in this struggle is to maximally delay the appearance and development of wrinkles.

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