Uniphyl Cr for respiratory diseases

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Banal saying, but without air life is impossible. Nevertheless, we never think about it, because we always have enough oxygen to breathe. But some categories of people have to fear lack of air. These people suffer from diseases in which the lumen of the bronchi narrows, and therefore the condition becomes very dangerous, even life threatening. And attacks of this kind are often difficult to predict. And in order not to be afraid for their life, more and more patients choose the medication Uniphyl Cr (Theophylline is an active substance used in it).

Medical workers confidently say that it is very helpful for bronchial asthma, conditions threatening by narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi for various reasons, inflammatory processes in the bronchi (in this case medication Uniphyl Cr is an auxiliary), and even with the emphysema of some species (in this case, the bronchi narrow, and the total density of the lungs becomes smaller).

Do you know what is common between coffee and the drug Uniphyl Cr? The instructions for use say that their body stimulation effect is similar; therefore, the heart contracts more during the intake of this medication. But unlike the effect of caffeine, there is not a very strong expansion of the vessels inside and outside the heart, which allows slightly reducing the overall pressure. The vessels in the kidneys become wider and the probability of formation of thrombi decreases due to changes in the properties of the platelets. Allergic processes at the cellular level are also weakened. But the most important thing is that the medicine dilates the bronchi, for the sake of this usually such pills are prescribed.

What is the mechanism of action of the medication Uniphyl Cr? Medical workers explain this by the fact that this product acts on the cellular level on the process of relaxing the muscles of blood vessels and organs. Of course, exposure to the entire body gives some adverse effects, but they are usually neglected because they are fleeting and rarely cause concern. The medicine Uniphyl Cr (tablets) is digested slowly, the process can take up to 6 hours. Fast results cannot be expected, this remedy is used from 2 months and more until the medicine is integrated into the internal processes of the body and starts to act permanently. The key to success is regularity of using the medicine. If there are breaks, often the treatment can last very long and be insufficiently effective. These are pills for the patient people. However, the choice in patients with serious lung diseases is usually small. This medication is one of the most effective; this is why it is very popular, despite its price. However, to be honest, prices vary; you can find best rated online pharmacy and different offers at a regular drugstore.

The tablets are designed so that the active substance is not absorbed immediately. There is a special polymer used in these pills, so you shouldn’t crush them before intake or dilute with water, you can break their structure and the concentration in the blood will increase too quickly, which will have a bad effect on the liver, kidneys, and hence on your overall well-being. In addition, in this case, the medication will quickly leave the body, which will make the drug effect inadequate for the prescribed dose. These tablets are small, so do not crumble them! If you are having difficulty swallowing the pills, talk to your physician. There are special techniques that help to swallow capsules and pills easily and simply, ask your doctor to teach you.

How do the doctors calculate Uniphyl Cr dose? Well they usually start with 0.15 g, then this amount can increase to 0.6 g (twice a day). The assigned amount is affected by the weight of the patient. It is also important whether the sick person tolerates the drug Uniphyl Cr well or not. It also matters whether the symptom of bronchoconstriction is strongly pronounced. A responsible and skilled physician asks a question about the concomitant diseases. Based on all the information received, he or she can calculate the optimal dose for a particular individual.

Contraindications are: too zealous work of the thyroid gland, narrowing of the left ventricle, myocardial infarction, epilepsy, extrasystole (a kind of arrhythmia). Any convulsive conditions are also contraindications, as the medicine Uniphyl Cr affects the metabolism of calcium, which is important in the formation of convulsions. With ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, this drug is prescribed, but with caution, so as not to aggravate these conditions.

Uniphyl Cr side effects, as already mentioned, are fleeting and disappear as soon as the body becomes accustomed to the action of the medicine. Nevertheless, if they cause you anxiety and a feeling of increased discomfort, contact your attending physician. So, we are talking about such sensations as anxiety, a rapid heart rate, an unwillingness to eat, a headache, a bad dream. In these cases, the doctor can change the dose to make you feel better.

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