Treatment of eczema

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Eczema is a fairly serious skin disease which is often allergic. Treating it with folk remedies is possible, but only if the disease is not started. In the case if it went too far, the intervention of a qualified specialist is necessary. The eczema causes can be very diverse. For example, eczema may appear due to external damage; in addition, the disease can be caused by internal factors. Chemical, mechanical and thermal damage refers to external factors and can cause the appearance of eczema. In most cases, eczema is a concomitant disease that occurs in cases where the nervous and endocrine system of a person has failed. Also, this disease can occur in the event that in the human body for a long time there is a serious infection. It can develop as a reaction of the body to drugs or appear due to a stomach disorder.

Classical eczema can affect people of any age. Most often it appears on the face or hands of the patient. Externally, eczema resembles a strong irritation of the skin. However, it differs from it in a large number of small bubbles that dry up and form a dry crust. As a rule, the skin in most cases perfectly performs its basic protective function, protecting the human body from various external influences. In order for eczema to appear, specific conditions are needed - for example, a hereditary predisposition to the disease (before the allergy occurs). Eczema occurs when the immune system is in a weakened state and is not able to fight. It cannot cope with the irritant and endure an adequate immune response.

Eczema treatment is primarily aimed at increasing the patient's immunity and increasing resistance to external factors. If there is a desire to cure eczema, you should use a few simple rules.

• First, you must necessarily take a dairy of eczema diet. In addition to all kinds of dairy products, you can eat vegetarian food. For that from the diet it is necessary to completely exclude sharp, smoked, meat dishes. Carbonated drinks, chocolate and all semi-finished products must also be excluded from food.

• Secondly, in the event that a person with eczema has excess weight, then it will be necessary to periodically arrange unloading days with curative starvation. To follow the diet is not easy, but to defeat eczema will have to sacrifice delicious food.

• Treatment with folk remedies can begin with the following prescription. It is necessary to take the raw wiped potatoes, place it in a natural tissue and apply a compress to the affected area. Such compresses are done several times a day. It is advisable to drink a little more potato juice to improve the work of the stomach.

• If the eczema rash and itching is unbearable, compress the cabbage leaf. Preliminary sheet should be held for a few minutes in apple cider vinegar, after which it should be placed on a sore spot and fastened.

Really effective are eczema creams - hormonal and non-hormonal. If the nature of eczema is infectious, the patient will benefit from antiseptic drugs, and if it is of a fungal property, various antifungal agents are prescribed. In recent years, the market is full of various drugs designed to treat it in different forms. It should be noted that such ointments are recommended not to take longer than two weeks. So, as we have understood, eczema is quite a serious disease, since there are different types of it. Also it can occur in both acute and chronic forms. That is why, before treating this disease you need to establish its cause, and only then prescribe medications. But it is important to pay attention that creams are better in case of eczema on hands. Ointment or other medicinal product should be appointed by a qualified specialist.

Despite the fact that eczema on face can appear for various reasons, treatment is usually prescribed the same as on hands. The ointment that the doctor prescribes must meet certain requirements:

• To influence the manifestation of the disease on the hands, the face is complex.

• Fight with itching and burning that cause the patient's discomfort.

• Become a "barrier" for the entry of pathogenic microflora.

• Contribute to moisturizing the skin on the hands or face.

Components of the ointment should not have a negative effect on the patient's body, or this effect should be minimal. It is difficult to find cream which will meet all these criteria but the professional will be able to choose the appropriate treatment option in each case. Usually they recommend Elocon. The choice of cream against dry eczema, which will be intended for the patient, will also depend on the course of the disease. In various cases various drugs are prescribed. For example, if there are no wet areas on the hands will be prescribed cream which will contain the GCS hormone. If the destruction of the skin is sufficiently pronounced, an antibacterial ointment or ointment containing a glucocorticoid hormone is prescribed. In addition to the ointment, drying solutions are also used. For this, various folk remedies can be used - decoctions of oak bark, chamomile and clover, a number of chemical preparations can also be used - silver nitrate, boric acid, potassium permanganate is used.