Reglan during pregnancy

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Do you have stomach problems and often have vomiting? There is a drug that can help. This is Reglan. What is this drug, and is it allowed to use Reglan during pregnancy? You will learn about this from this article. Reglan is available in the form of tablets for internal use and in the form of a solution for injections in ampoules of two milliliters.

In such an ambiguous period of a woman's life as a pregnancy, taking almost any medication promises side effects. Nevertheless, Reglan is very often prescribed during pregnancy, but taking into account the correct dosing and constant monitoring of the treating specialist, which monitors the stability of taking the medication and predicts the further development of treatment.

Often pregnant women face such a problem as constant malaise, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. This is a consequence of the fact that the uterine musculature becomes inactive, which is why the work of internal organs, especially those associated with digestion, is suppressed. Since the smooth surface of the uterus is suppressed during pregnancy, as the body tries to avoid pregnancy breakdown in this way. Nerve endings of the uterus are associated with internal organs and therefore at the same time suppress their work, which naturally negatively affects the entire body as a whole.

Reglan works on special nerve endings that connect the emetic center of the brain and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it promotes rapid passage of food from the stomach into the intestines, and also improves the functioning of the intestine. It would seem that such a drug can be very useful for pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy, when a persistent toxicosis often provokes vomiting. But it's not so simple. Reglan is quite a serious drug. The first three months of pregnancy you cannot even think about its use. This is strictly prohibited. But in the remaining months of pregnancy Reglan is allowed to use only according to the doctor's prescription and under his constant control. But for breastfeeding mothers it is better not to take Reglan at all. Otherwise they will have to take a break for a while in breastfeeding. Reglan has enough contraindications and except for pregnancy. If your kidneys are not working well, do not take Reglan in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. This caution is due to the fact that in such patients, Reglan side effects are usually more pronounced.

The scheme of action of this drug suggests a decrease in the sensitivity of the nerve processes to those factors that excite nerve impulses. As a consequence, the impulses that are responsible for the vomiting center located in the brain cease to be transmitted. The sensation of vomiting appears at a time when food does not move beyond the stomach because of the passivity of the intestine and stomach.

Since Reglan has an antiemetic effect, its action is to activate the activity of the stomach and quickly assimilate the food for its early passage.

If vomiting is a consequence of a vestibular dysfunction, do not take Reglan, it will not help you. If you need to take a blood test or urinalysis, do not take it a few days before taking the tests and tell your doctor about it. Reglan disrupts the production of certain hormones. Do not use alcohol in any way. Although during pregnancy alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you have not yet gone on maternity leave and are working with precise mechanisms, then keep in mind that Reglan violates the reaction rate. Also, drive very carefully after taking this medication. In general, it is better to avoid "communication" with dangerous mechanical devices during treatment with Reglan. If it is prescribed for you, keep in mind that this drug can cause you the following side effects: migraine-like pain, impaired coordination, mood decay and physical strength, lethargy and craving for sleep. You can even change the style of your speech. The chemical composition of the blood may be impaired. Sometimes the heart rhythm is broken, pressure jumps. There are violations of defecation. Before you start using medication, be sure to carefully read the instructions for the drug. Reglan does not work well with a variety of medicines. Remember that now you are responsible not only for your health, but also for the health of the baby who already lives inside your body. In order to keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy, and the baby was born well-nourished and healthy, take vitamins and minerals.

In the first trimester of child development Reglan is undesirable to take, however like any other drugs with a similar purpose. Since this is a remedy with rather strong side effects, it can harm the health of the fetus and affect the formation of various undesirable injuries to the internal organs.

After the first trimester, you can take this drug, but again, still adhering to a strict dosage and only with the permission of a gynecologist. Since Reglan causes contractions in the uterus, which can lead to abortion, it can be prescribed only if the uterus is in a good state of maturity, for example, increased uterus tone. If there are possible threats to the health of the child, this drug is not recommended in any case.

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