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Violation of the function of urination is a fairly common symptom of many diseases. For example, cystitis, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, etc. Dysfunction can manifest itself in the form of: urinary retention; hyperactivity of the reflex activity of medication, which leads to a constant urge to urinate, as well as to incontinence. In the treatment of the genitourinary system, drug therapy takes a special place. After all, with it, bacteria and infections are eliminated, as well as inflammations that cause many diseases. In such a diagnosis as frequent urge to urinate the drug Detrol is usually prescribed, which blocks the cholinergic muscarinic receptors responsible for the reduction of smooth muscles.

Regular use of the drug leads to a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the urinary tract. As a result, patients have normal urine flow out, urinary urgency decreases during the day (including under stressful situations). During clinical trials, it showed good results, both in the treatment of men and in the treatment of women (regardless of age and race). The maximum effect was achieved after four weeks and could persist for 7-12 months and even longer.

It is a drug that is designed to cope with certain types of incontinence. The active substance of this drug is tolterodine. This M cholinoblocker mainly affects the smooth muscles of the walls of the bladder. As a result of the impact of medication Detrol, this musculature (as well as the musculature of the salivary glands) loses its ability to maintain a high tone. Treatment with this drug leads to relaxation of the urinary tract and, in addition, salivation (to a lesser extent).

The main function of the drug is to reduce the tone of the smooth muscles of the urinary tract and contractile activity, as well as a decrease in salivation. Included in the drug tolterodine and its derivatives have a high activity in relation to muscarinic receptors. The main effect of the drug is directed towards the receptors of the bladder, in comparison with the receptors of the salivary glands.

The greatest productivity of the drug is achieved in the fourth week of continuous therapy. One of the side effects of the drug can be considered the phenomenon of incomplete emptying of the bladder and increasing the amount of residual urine, in cases where the doses of the drug are much greater than therapeutic doses.

Detrol drug is used when:

• hyperreflexive conditions of the bladder and associated incontinence, imperative urges, frequent urination.

It is released in form of pills which should be taken twice a day. The Detrol instruction indicates a standard single dose equal to two milligrams. But, with dysfunction of the kidneys or liver, this amount of the drug should be reduced by half. Treatment is carried out for a long time, and its effectiveness should be assessed, not earlier than two to three months after the start of therapy.

Contraindicated in:

• Myasthenia gravis;

• Urine retention;

• Such pathological conditions of the digestive tract as megacolon or ulcerative colitis;

• Closed-angle glaucoma (in a form that does not respond to therapy);

• Pregnancy, breast-feeding, patients under the age of eighteen.

With caution in:

• Violations (obstruction) of the urinary tract;

• Weakness of peristalsis and obstruction of the intestine and other gastrointestinal tracts;

• Neuropathies;

• Pathologies of the kidney or liver.

Patients who are of childbearing age should know that against the background of taking this medication they cannot become pregnant. Therefore, treatment should be accompanied by reliable contraception. Two months after the start of therapy, it is necessary to re-evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

The effect of this drug on human health can be varied, including, undesirable. Detrol causes allergic reactions, including severe ones. Some patients suffer from nervous system, vision. It is worth to beware of the Detrol side effects on the heart and digestive system. In addition, sometimes you may feel fatigue, swelling, inflammation of the respiratory tract and so on. It is not prescribed to children, since up to the present time the effectiveness and safety of the use of this drug in this category of patients has been little studied.

In case of an overdose can develop convulsions, hallucinations. Urine lingers in the body. Vision is impaired, heart rate slows, and breathing may break. A patient in this state needs professional help. Some of the described symptoms can be stopped by appropriate medications.

Women with cystitis often leave Detrol reviews. As a rule, those to whom this drug is only appointed are afraid to take it. But those who have already started treatment are more optimistic:

- To act Detrol begins only after a month of daily intake. And all the herbal preparations did not help me at all!

- From the undesirable effects I noticed only dry mouth, drowsiness sometimes. But for the sake of the fact that I do not run 10 times per hour to the toilet, I sleep peacefully at night and I can get to work without running out at every station - I'm ready to tolerate more.

In general, it is necessary to understand that undesirable effects are possible with any therapy, by any means. Detrol is a symptomatic drug - it does not affect the causes of the disease, but only softens its manifestations. But the relief that patients experience, getting rid of the constant painful urge to urinate - it's worth a lot. If you have any side effects - discuss them with your doctor.


• The drug Detrol is used for rapid urination and urinary incontinence.

• It removes only the symptom itself, and not the cause of this phenomenon.

• The course of treatment lasts from six months or more.

• The result appears after a month of regular use.

• The drug can be used only as prescribed by the doctor, since it has many contraindications and side effects.

• During the course of treatment, it is necessary to refrain from driving and to be aatentive in works requiring special attention and concentration.

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