Why do women suffer from frigidity?

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According to the estimates of medical professionals, frigidity affects about 13% of women and other 40% suffer from other disorders of sexual desire. Now we will tell you what does frigidity means, what is the cause of the disease and what are its symptoms.

What is frigidity? As defined by physicians, it is a disease that is characterized by a lack of sexual desire, specific sensations during sexual intercourse and the final stage - orgasm. However, frigidity, so to speak, in the pure form is not so common, in most cases, doctors have to deal with disorders of sexual function, due to external factors, psycho-emotional disorders, diseases and abnormalities of genital organs.

In connection with this, there are such concepts as primary, secondary, permanent and temporary frigidity, as well as psychogenic, retardation, symptomatic and constitutional forms of it.

In turn, there are also different degrees of anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), which is one of the symptoms of frigidity.

The first degree is characterized by excitement and pleasant sensations during intercourse, but the absence of a "logical end". At the second degree there are no sensations, that is, the woman remains indifferent to what is happening. Aversion to close contacts with a man speaks about the third degree of anorgasmia.

Now - in more detail about the types and symptoms of frigidity.

Primary frigidity is quite common in young girls. The cause of frigidity in this case is most often not any serious disorder, but simply emotional and even physiological unwillingness to make love.

A girl can tolerate sexual intercourse purely out of curiosity or because "everyone has already done it" and she does not want to feel like a "freak”. However, her ideas may not coincide with reality, or the partner is not too careful. As a result, there is indifference or even aversion to sex.

If this condition lasts for a long time, then this is retardation frigidity. Usually this is a temporary phenomenon, saying that the sensual awakening is somewhat delayed. In this case there is nothing to worry about. Studies show that the desire for sexual intimacy in 20% of women comes in the first year of the onset of sexual relations, and a third of women do not experience any special excitement or orgasm until they give birth to the first child.

However, to ensure that these forms of frigidity are not progressing, we need to pay more attention to sexual relations. Here we mean the creation of calm, trusting relationships in the family or in a couple, avoiding stresses and negative emotions. The behavior of a man is very important in this case. If he devotes enough time to caresses, he is attentive to the behavior and emotions of the partner, then, most likely, the relationship will improve without the participation of physicians.

But sometimes, despite all efforts, frigidity only progresses. Often the main sign of frigidity can be painful sensations during intercourse, which do not give the woman a sense of excitement and cause negative emotions. In some cases, such signs indicate the presence of symptomatic frigidity. Such an ailment can be associated with a disease of the sexual organs of a woman, anomalies of their development. In some cases, the causes may include disruption of the endocrine system, individual forms of mental illness, neoplasm or brain damage.This frigidity refers to secondary diseases and first it is necessary to treat the underlying disease, and then the sexual indifference.

One of the most common forms of this disorder is psychogenic frigidity. The cause of the disease is either some external factors or psychological trauma from the past. Women who have been sexually assaulted, have a sad experience of the first sexual intercourse, have been subjected to psychic pressure, often suffer from this form of frigidity. Also women who suffer from it are often hypochondriac, shy, suffering from any complexes. Fear of not liking a partner, getting pregnant, being caught during sex by others - all this can inhibit the sex drive in women. An important role in the emergence of the disease is too strict sexual education and presentation of sexual relations as something bad and forbidden. Frigidity, arising for psychological reasons, is temporary. Let's say a change in the situation, if a woman is accustomed to certain conditions or a non-standard behavior of a partner can temporarily reduce a woman's sexual desire.

Quite often the reason for low libido is the so-called "waiting neurosis", when a woman is in a tense state because of a suspicious nature, or is waiting for something incredible from sexual contact. In this case, she does not allow herself to relax and feel something, instead she is constantly engaged in monitoring and evaluating her feelings. It is obvious that orgasm in this case becomes problematic.

The habit of suppressing orgasm can lead to frigidity. Strange as it may sound, some women who are experiencing great pleasure are shy of manifesting their emotions and intentionally holding them back. Also, the presence of irritants, such as a creaky bed, scurrying around the door relatives or children, extraneous noise and other inhibits the onset of orgasm. If these distractions are permanent, the result may be frigidity.

Another type of disease is called constitutional frigidity. By this we mean some kind of innate feature of the woman's psyche.

Symptoms of frigidity can be observed in not temperamental women who rarely desire sexual relations, rarely experience orgasms, but do not express any displeasure at this. That is, for them, sex itself is not the main condition for a happy relationship.

Some physiological processes occurring in the body of a woman, leave an imprint on the level of her sexual desire. So, for example, it would be a mistake to take for the symptoms of frigidity the absence or decrease of sexual desire at the first time after delivery or just before the onset of menstruation.

Summing up, it should also be mentioned that causes of frigidity in females are numerous. In any case, the attitude and behavior of the partner has a strong influence in almost any form of the disorder of sexual desire. Fortunately for today, there are many ways to solve this intimate problem, such as using some medications. such as Addyi, will help bring a sexual desire back.

Female frigidity is usually not expressed externally. Moreover, with some forms of the disease women flirt with pleasure with men and even get pleasure from foreplay and easy caresses. Too bad that when it comes to sex, they may lose interest in the process and even feel disgust. Also, on the assurance of doctors, the lack of sexual desire does not affect the ability of a woman to have children and even to live happily in a family.

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