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Even Herodotus wrote about herpes a hundred years before our era, it is the "father of history" who gave this illness its present name (from the Greek herpein — to crawl) — because of the ability of herpetic ulcers to spread around the primary bubble on the skin.

Although with different types of herpes, one way or another, as the World Health Organization says, 35 percent of the population of our planet is in contact, almost nobody except specialists has a fairly clear idea of it. But you cannot resist the enemy if you do not know it. And the enemy is very insidious and dangerous: this ailment ranks second in the list of the deadliest diseases after the flu (not counting AIDS).

Herpes is considered one of the most diverse diseases. In addition, it spoils not only human’s lives, but also lives of animals, birds and fish. It's easier to say who does not suffer from this illness: mushrooms and some algae species. Let's get a closer look at this disease.

Some people believe that this illness is not contagious. But in fact everything is exactly the opposite. Herpes is transmitted by airborne (coughing, sneezing, talking), contact (when kissing, using the same dishes, lipstick, mouthpiece) way and also through sex. Children can also be infected by their mother during childbirth. As a rule, this happens if the mother has become infected with genital herpes in the third trimester of pregnancy. At the same time, her body does not have time to develop antibodies, which she passes to the baby. And if there is damage to the placenta, the child can get infected in any period of intrauterine development such herpes is called congenital.

Scientists say that the ailment is transmitted solely from person to person. You can get infected from a monkey. The appearance of the illness through contact with other animals has not yet been documented.

The most common types of herpes are:

Herpes simplex. It is all known rash in the area of the lips. Bubbles burst and thus a huge amount of viruses is released. A few days later, a crust forms in place of the bubbles, it soon falls off. The patient ceases to feel pain and burning until the next exacerbation, which can occur several times a year. During exacerbation, it is better for a person to stay at home, so as not to infect others. In addition, the patient at this time usually does not want to do anything; he or she can be tormented by weakness, chills and even fever.

Many medical professionals believe that with this type of herpes a person becomes infected in childhood from loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loving relatives. Therefore, in no case should you kiss your baby on the lips and allow your relatives to do so.

People who are involved in sports, especially when there is a close contact of bodies, for example, when fighting, may get skin herpes. Symptoms of herpes on skin are rashes on the scalp, neck or torso.

Herpes of eyes is especially dangerous. Typical signs are photophobia, cutting pain, tearing. Lack of treatment can lead to decreased visual acuity and cloudy lens. Therefore, if there is a cold sore on the lips or skin, you should not touch your eyes in any way.

Chickenpox is also herpes. In this case, rash can appear even on the head. The child must necessarily be treated by a skilled doctor and parents should try to persuade the little patient not to touch the rash with the hands.

The chickenpox virus in adults is called herpes zoster. But, fortunately, it’s really rare.

Instead, genital herpes becomes more and more common. It is obvious that you can get it through sex. Therefore, one should not neglect a condom.

Primary genital herpes is very often asymptomatic. But it is the most contagious. And a person, without experiencing any symptoms and discomfort, continues to lead an active sex life, infecting new partners. The latent period can last from one day to ten. Having manifested itself, the disease often takes a protracted nature and causes serious health issues.

Rash in the genital area is the first symptom of genital herpes. The rash looks like small bubbles with fluid and redness around them. A few days later the bubbles burst, forming ulcers or peeling erosions. If there is no complication, the crust eventually falls off. With complications the body temperature rises, there is pain in the enlarged inguinal lymph nodes, the person frequently urinate, there are headaches and muscle aches. Also, it is possible to get this illness by using other people's things and hygiene products.

Do not hope that the body itself will be able to cope with the disease. Timely and qualified treatment is needed, because the herpes virus, reducing immunity, facilitates attacks on the body of such infectious diseases as influenza and others.

It is a pity, but most often women suffer from this health problem. It is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and newborn babies. Neglected herpes can even lead to infertility. And the frequent manifestation of any type of herpes suggests a decrease in the body's vital forces.

Unfortunately, the virus cannot be removed from the body. It stays with the person for life, and one can only force it to be in a passive state. This virus is present in 95% of the planet’s population, by the way the majority gets it at the age of 3-4 years, but only about 20% of people feel its "work". However, you can take preventive measures or prevent the aggravation and repetition of the manifestation of the disease, if it has already settled in the body.

First of all, medical specialists advise to refuse smoking, alcohol, excessive consumption of coffee. Do not turn into workaholic and do not try to put all domestic problems on their shoulders. Avoid overcooling and long staying in the sun on hot days.

Consumption of vitamins and trace elements is absolutely necessary. Vitamins A, C, E, PP and zinc are especially useful for herpes prevention. Also, proteins and vegetable natural fats, such as sunflower oil and olive oil are required. Vegetable fats are also contained in nuts, seeds. Useful for herpes and for its prevention are seafood and low-fat red meat.

Symptoms of herpes can be relieved by tea with St. John's wort, mint, and thyme.

Similarly, according to people who know this disease firsthand for the control of herpes and its prophylaxis natural honey is an amazing assistant because it contains a huge amount of valuable substances.

With the help of medications, you can treat herpes not only locally, but also from the inside. For example, Zovirax is available in the form of ointment and pills. Official medicine will help you quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms and minimize the illness. Better if medical treatment will be prescribed by a specialist, because only this person can figure out what drugs should be used to treat your disease.

Of course, herpes is a very unpleasant phenomenon. However, how often it will manifest itself depends entirely on you. After all, if you are cheerful and healthy, then it is unlikely to bother you often.

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