What is andrology?

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What is andrology? And what importance does this science have for modern men?

Everyone knows who are a surgeon, therapist and cardiologist, but there are specialties that appeared only a couple of decades ago with the development of modern medicine. There are jokes that among doctors there appeared such a number of narrow-profile specialists that soon there will be specialist who treat diseases of the thumb of the left hand. It is difficult or almost impossible to know all medicine, but among medical professionals there are more and more specialists who know their chosen branch of medicine to the smallest detail, especially if this requires knowledge in several branches.

Andrology appeared among the enthusiastic doctors at the junction of specialties. Over the years, the urologists have treated the entire genitourinary system of men and the urinary system of women, the main activity has been focused on the treatment of kidney and bladder diseases, which is why the word urology has two components: urus — urine, logos — science. And throughout this period, injustice persisted: women had the gynecologist, and men did not have a doctor. Urology is a unit of surgery, and andrology is a unit of urology. Andrology definition is explained by the very name of this science — "andros" is a man; i.е. andrology is a science that studies the causes, development, course and treatment of diseases of the male reproductive sphere.

Andrology was formed at the junction of urology, surgery, endocrinology, cardiology, genetics, psychotherapy, and to date, andrologists help men restore and maintain health.

The main direction in the activity of andrologists is male infertility. Perhaps, this is the most urgent and important problem affecting the interests of the family, society and even the future of the planet. According to statistics, 15% of marriages have difficulties in conceiving a child, and if previously infertile marriages were a concern of gynecologists and often there was an opinion: "you cannot become pregnant, go to the gynecologist", today, in the case of infertile marriages, the problem can’t be solved without an andrology technician. At least 48% of infertile marriages are observed precisely due to the male factor. Modern reproductive medicine is becoming more complicated; even the primary analysis of sperm is experiencing evolutionary development and includes more and more parameters, not to mention all the other diagnostic features. Treatment of men develops it is possible to help even in cases when spermatozoa are absent in sperm and it is impossible to receive fertilization without the help of a doctor. Infertility treatment is team work.

The attention of andrology doctors is also focused on solving the problem of sexual relations: lack of erection, early ejaculation and decreased attraction to the opposite sex. Relations with the representatives of the fair sex are included in the basic needs of any man, the self-affirmation occurs during intimacy with ladies. When the reproductive system fails, self-esteem, general health, and working capacity suffer. When there are no problems with sex life, often the relationship between lovers is good and happy, but if there are problems in the intimate sphere, it becomes difficult to think about something else. At such moments, men are ready for much to get rid of the disease. Some buy expensive pills, others seek folk remedies on the internet, others buy modern physiotherapy equipment. But universal remedy does not exist, and there are no "miracle pills for every illness". There are different reasons for sexual function problems, so it is necessary to pay attention to psychological features, possible physical deviations in the structure of the penis, prostate, testes, endocrine system, biochemical indicators, cardiovascular system work, concomitant diseases and other aspects. Therapy does not always include drugs (tablets, injections, intracavitary therapy), but also physiotherapy and even surgery.

Often, workers of the andrology lab deal with inflammatory diseases, such as prostatitis, urethritis, orchiepididymitis, balanoposthitis, and others. Many men often believe that the cause of the inflammations is cold, but more often it is not true. The causes of these illnesses can be as sexual infections, irregular sexual life (the main cause of prostatitis), a sedentary lifestyle, gynecological problems of the sexual partner, and others. Modern therapeutic options can effectively suppress inflammatory processes.

Andrologists also study and treat various hormonal failures. Similar deviations occur in congenital diseases, or over the years, age-related androgen deficiency is formed, leading to a decrease in sexual activity, obesity, various diseases and a reduction in male ambitions. Often, hormonal problems are formed artificially against the background of the use of anabolic steroid drugs, which began to spread through sports clubs and the Internet. Uncontrolled intake of drugs without medical prescription leads to the loss of sexual desire and abilities up to infertility. The task of andrologists is to compensate for the negative effects of chemicals and restore the reproductive system.

Also, treatment of age-related illnesses occurring against a background of physiological changes is carried out. The most wide-spread disease is prostate adenoma or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It occurs in most men with age. If earlier it was believed that this is a disease of men over 45 years old, then now, BPH is diagnosed every year more and more in young men, just after 30 years, when the primary hormonal decline begins. Adenoma is not rapidly formed this process has been going on for years and even decades, but a benign tumor grows over the years and is able to completely block the urethra even to the point of urinary retention. Timely diagnosis and treatment can stop the development of the tumor and eliminate the operational options for therapy. Very often, treatment is started with the drug Flomax.

Do not forget that a benign tumor can turn into a malignant tumor, and this is much more serious. Tumor diseases can be observed in any part of the reproductive system: penis, testicles, and prostate gland oncological alertness should be present in any medical practice, and andrology is no exception. Timely diagnosis gives an opportunity to fully cure tumor diseases in the early stages of development.

Andrology is wide and diverse, today men have their own doctor. A qualified specialist can conduct an almost complete list of medical care: consultations, complete diagnostics, any andrology exam, physiotherapy, and prompt help.

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