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Osteoporosis refers to the category of systemic diseases in which the density is reduced and bone structure is broken. As a result, bones become brittle and break easily. Often the disease is hidden and only appears in the first fracture - or noticed after specific research intended on that disease. If human bone has lost its strength then fractures are unavoidable. Very often this disease occurs in women during menopause. It is especially dangerous to women suffering from overweight and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It should also be noted that from such a disease no one is immune. It can develop even in a young person or child.

When asked whether it is possible to cure it - doctors give a negative answer. Therapy aims to stop disease progression and relieve pain. To do this, are used special osteoporosis drugs and such as drugs with calcium, exercise therapy, massage or physiotherapy. It is possible to buy osteoporosis medications in online pharmacy.

The cause is associated with metabolic disorders in humans, hormonal system and circulation. In addition, this illness can develop against other diseases such as arthritis, bowel disease, resulting in inadequate mineralization of bone (in the body are deficient in phosphorus and calcium salts). Atrophy of bones (occur as a result of prolonged fixation of fractures) also leads to such diseases.

Currently is developed a number of osteoporosis medications that can help. The choice of drug based on information about the sex of the patient, types (postmenopausal, senile or secondary), severity of disease (a history of fractures) and related diseases.

Many medicines provide antiresorptive effect with differing mechanisms of effects on the body. The alarming statistics show growth in the number of patients with this ailment each year, the vast majority of them - women. 15% of women aged 50-60 years have it and over 60 years - already 70%. If you do not take action, the number of fractures and the illness in the number of the next 30 years will increase to 60%.

It is treated mainly through drug therapy. Scientists have shown that medication helps reduce the risk of disease vertebral fractures and hip fractures that is why they recommend patients not to avoid treating and buy osteoporosis medications online.

In women during menopause it is treated with the use of calcitriol, etidronate and hormone replacement therapy. Patients taking glucocorticoids may be imposed protective treatment with alendronate or etidronate risedronate. Accordingly women are recommended to buy medicines for osteoporosis the following: Generic Evista, Generic Estrace and Generic Premarin. These drugs are very effective for women because doctors prescribe them also in Breast Cancer and Menopause.

But the risk can be greatly reduced if a person from a young age gets a balanced diet rich in vitamins and calcium. The risk of contracting of this illness significantly increases if close relatives in the ascending line suffered the disease. The best drugs for osteoporosis are Generic Boniva and Generic Actonel and Generic Fosamax. The latter two also are effective in Bone Loss and Paget's disease. Also there are a lot of online pharmacies that offer to buy osteoporosis drugs without prescription and what is more important – low price osteoporosis medications.

Determining how to treat neglected type in elderly patients the physician should consider that they almost always are full or partial contraindication to taking a number of drugs. Of course is not enough only osteoporosis pills so it will be useful therapeutic exercise, massage and of course food.

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