Female libido pills improve sexual life

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Female libido pills are a rather new segment on the pharmacological market. But they have already won appreciation of many ladies. For many years, men have Viagra and other similar medications designed to improve their sex life. And the representatives of the fair sex did not have such an assistant. Fortunately it's already in the past.

Female libido can be described as passion or arousal, which is experienced with sexual intercourse. Libido can be compared to male potency, because these two concepts are identical, and both men and women have problems with low sexual activity. During numerous studies, it was found that 33% of women worldwide have such problems. What to do in this case? And how can female libido enhancer pills come in handy?

Each woman is individual and has own threshold of sensitivity, as well as the level of sexual excitement and attraction to the opposite sex. Very often, the power of sexual desire depends on the raging hormone in the organism of a woman. But also as auxiliary means that increase desire, serve additional caresses, compliments from the lover, intimate and relaxing mood and also love affections.

The reasons affecting the women’s sexual desire can be divided into physiological and psychological.

A woman may not experience excitement, or not get an orgasm during sexual contact due to various reasons. Namely:

• Fatigue, stress, bad mood

• Genital disease, including inflammatory processes

• Genital infections

• General illnesses of other organs, such as diabetes mellitus, heart condition, ischemic disease, pneumonia

• Disruption of the hormonal background

• Taking certain medicines, for example, birth control pills or hormones

• Climax, when the hormone estrogen is produced in small quantities

• Bad relationship with the partner

• Violations on the psycho-emotional level, this can be a sexual violence experienced earlier in life

All these causes can affect the reduction of libido and the lack of satisfaction from sexual contact, which in the future leads not only to disruptions in relations with a lover, but also to emotional traumas and fear that such a situation can happen again. In this case, special pills — libido pills for females — can help and bring new exiting sensations.

Of course, if the causes of the absence of excitement are diseases of the genitals, then first you need to eliminate them. Also, before taking medications to enhance libido, you need to get rid of all the experiences and fatigue, feel cheerful.

The basis of the action of all sex stimulants for females, as well as for males, is the intensification of blood circulation in the genital area. Why does it have such a strong effect? How does it help to achieve orgasm? The fact is that an increase in the blood supply of these areas enhances their sensitivity. Nerve endings quickly transmit signals to the brain, the skin and mucous membrane of the genitals get warm, which helps them respond faster and more strongly to stimulation. Even a slight touch is felt to the full and brings pleasure.

Contrary to the existing opinion, the female sex stimulant pills do not act either on consciousness or perception, they are not able to change the mood and, moreover, the existing relations between lovers. In contrast to alcohol, with which, by the way, their use is not recommended, the stimulants act only in the field of blood supply to the genital organs. But as numerous female libido pills reviews show, for many women can be a huge help. Indeed, many unsuccessful sexual acts were spoiled precisely because of the dryness and low sensitivity of the vagina and external genital organs.

And if men take, for example, Viagra for the sake of a quality erection, then for women the main goal is to easily and quickly achieve the state of readiness for sex (lubrication, increase in the labia, opening the vagina).

With the reasons for the use of female sex stimulant drugs, everything is simple — they are designed to treat frigidity, intensify excitement and even used by those who just want to diversify their sexual sensations, making it brighter and more intense.

Who should not use pills to increase female libido? This question is important from the point of view not only of physiology, but psychology too.

Contraindications for female sex stimulants are:

• Pregnancy at any stage

• High blood pressure

• Epilepsy and convulsive syndrome of certain diseases

• Inflammation of the genitals

• Fever

Girls with increased nervous excitability, a tendency to hysteria and in a state of depression should not use artificial stimulants for sex. This is because there is a risk of psychological dependence on these medications.

It is not recommended to use female libido stimulants for virgins for the first sexual contact — increased blood circulation in the genital organs aggravates the pain sensations from defloration and can even lead to a distorted perception of sexual sensations in the future.

It should be noted that any medications that increase female libido should not be taken for a long time, although they do not have serious contraindications and they are well tolerated by the female organism.

Both men's and women's libido enhancers should be used only when there is a serious need for this, in special cases, and to keep yourself in shape it is best to use less active methods, such as aromatherapy or erotic massage.

It is important not to forget that the action of all the above mentioned means can be felt only if you are in a good mood, because negative emotions can interfere with the their action. As a result — even with the help of these pills the woman would not be able to relax and enjoy intimacy.

Each individual girl should make a decision to use sexual stimulants independently, after all the pros and cons are taken into account. Only a health care professional that she trusts can influence this decision. Together with a skilled medical professional a woman can choose the best female libido pills.

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