Facial hair inhibitor creams

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Facial hair inhibitor creams are a popular remedy. But many ladies still don’t know what it is and what it is used for. For many years it has been believed that the problem of extra hairiness on the face concerns only men. Not everybody knows that many women also struggle from it. Almost every member of the fair sex has imperceptible mustache on the upper lip. But if some women have small, light and almost invisible hairs on the face, others have dark colored and dense hairs. This can be explained by many reasons, among which genetics, hormonal pattern, features of appearance, etc. Many people do not pay any attention to this fact and continue to live peacefully. But some women bring this problem to the status of the complex. In this case, special facial hair inhibitor cream comes in handy.

You probably have heard of such means already. Or maybe read hair inhibitor cream reviews. Such creams are perfect for getting rid of unwanted facial hair, for example over the upper lip, on the chin and cheeks. Because of its cost and difficulty in applying to large areas of the body, they are usually not recommended for hair removal in such areas as legs or hands. However, this is an effective way to remove gray or unpigmented hair, which cannot be affected by a laser. Taking into account that women are the main consumers of these products in the majority of cases these products are safe for use with hormonal contraceptive pills and other hormonal treatments when the problem of unwanted hair is caused by problems with reproductive organs such as polycystic ovary. They also safe for use by people with any race or skin type.

But first thing you need to understand is that facial hair growth inhibitor creams are not the same as depilatory creams. The products we are discussing in this article are intended for use after wax, laser or cream epilation procedures. A special formula of these products penetrates to the root bulbs and effectively inhibits further hair growth. Thanks to special components, most hairs become much thinner, and some cease to grow at all. Regular application of these creams will make your skin beautiful and smooth.

Proper use of hair inhibitor creams and competent organization of the procedure for its application are initially a guarantee of a successful result. Hair growth inhibitor cream is one of the ways to get rid of facial hair independently at home.

Apply this cream to a clean and, above all, dry skin. On moist skin the cream can roll down, which will affect the quality of its action. Also the quality of the procedure depends on the thickness of the applied layer. In this case, the principle "the more, the better”, will not work. Cream should be applied with a thin layer, evenly spreading it over the problem area.

The time of the procedure and the absorption of the cream do not usually last very long, the exact time should be indicated in the instructions for use. Follow the recommended guidelines strictly. It is this much time that will require the active ingredients of the cream to fulfill their mission. If you violate the recommended by the instruction interval of time the cream you use can become ineffective. If it is reduced, it can affect the quality of the procedure, and if you increase it, then there is the possibility of earning a mild irritation or inflammatory process.

Also, during the procedure, one should not touch the face, take a shower, talk on the phone (since the device is pressed against the face), otherwise the structure of the applied layer can be damaged and even the best facial hair inhibitor cream will fail.

You need to be very careful with new beauty or medical products. Before using hair inhibitor creams, check its effect by applying a small amount on the forearm. If redness or irritation is not observed, you can start using the cream. If the skin becomes inflamed, get rid of this product. It is not suitable for you. Do not use the cream on damaged, irritated skin, in places of burns. These creams cannot be used for oral administration and for application to mucous membranes. If you are hypersensitive to the ingredients of the cream you chosen, suffer from hypertension or any other serious health problems, consult your health care provider before applying.

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