Erectile dysfunction prevention

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Today it is very difficult to find a man who would not have experienced erectile dysfunction in his life. The modern rhythm of life does not let us rest. In addition, leading an unhealthy lifestyle affects both the sexual health and the entire body as a whole. Impotence can develop even at a young age of up to 25 years. Therefore, the belief that only men after 50 suffer from the illness is a mistake. In order not to resort to the help of specialists, and to undergo a long-term treatment, every man should learn about erectile dysfunction prevention. By the way, these recommendations are also used after the illness is cured, in order to prevent the occurrence of relapse.

You need to know that in erectile dysfunction prevention diet is the most important thing. Prophylaxis of any illness, including erectile dysfunction, greatly depends on your daily diet. First of all, it is important for those men who are overweight. After all, excessive pounds provide an additional burden on the heart and blood vessels. High level of cholesterol in the blood provokes a blockage of blood vessels. This is the root cause of impotence. Healthy diet is a guarantee of long-term health. The diet of a young man should be saturated with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For the male organism, the following elements are extremely important:

  • Vitamins A, E, C, B
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  •  Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Calcium

If the body is deficient in these trace elements, they need to be received from the outside. Proteins, in combination with zinc and selenium, contribute to the active development of testosterone in the body of a man. A large amount of protein is found in such foods:

  • Sour cream
  • Sour milk products
  • Meat
  • Chicken eggs
  • Boiled fish

Zinc is very important for prevention of erectile dysfunction; it not only affects the level of testosterone, but also strengthens the walls of the vessels of the whole organism, including the penis. Also, when the zinc level is normalized, the quality of the sperm is improved. The number of active and mobile spermatozoa significantly increases. This is very important for the successful conception. Therefore, a diet for erectile dysfunction prevention necessarily implies the consumption of seafood, beef liver, pumpkin seeds, parsley, parsnip, mushrooms, green tea, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. Vitamin C is necessary for general strengthening of the body. After all, if you don’t feel very well and have weak immunity, your erectile function suffers. Therefore, eat more sea-buckthorn, black currant, kiwi, citrus, greens, broccoli and colored cabbage. Selenium in large quantities could be found in garlic, olive oil, celery, olives and seafood.

Any kind of nuts and honey deserve special attention. Virtually all these elements are found in walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews.

But what about prohibitions in the prevention of this illness? These products must be completely excluded from the diet:

  • Fast food
  • Semi-finished products
  • Fried and fatty foods
  • Sausages
  • Carbonated drinks

But fats are also necessary. Men should eat fats of animal origin. It is important to properly cook fatty meat. It should be boiled or baked. It is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages. Particularly dangerous for men's health are gin, vodka and tequila. But what about the favorite drink of many men — beer? Scientists have proved that the intoxicating drink has a rich composition that helps to improve the condition of the whole organism. But, at the same time, beer is the source of female hormone estrogen. Thus, the production of testosterone is suppressed, which causes impotence. For prevention, a small amount of high-quality beer is allowed (no more than 1 liter per week). Also, in small quantities, quality red wine is good for the overall health.

To avoid the development of erectile dysfunction (prevent it), it is important to do sports. Physical exercises should be regular, but moderate. Sport improves blood circulation throughout the body, including in the penis. For the prevention of the illness it is better to choose mobile sports: football, basketball, running, swimming. Today, there are still disputes over the benefits and harms of cycling. Long cycling harms men's health. There is a squeezing of the arteries in the pelvic area. Often athletes complain of numbness of the penis. Squeezing leads to stagnation of blood. In this case, erectile dysfunction is a logical consequence.

Even though for erectile dysfunction prevention sport is very important, it is permissible to ride a bicycle for no more than half an hour a day. This time is enough to disperse blood throughout the body. Also, this activity is useful for those men who have sedentary work. After all, it prevents not only ED but also hemorrhoids and prostatitis. For the prevention of impotence, a special set of exercises was developed, which increase the flow of blood to the penis. You need to start with pelvic rotation exercises. This will help to warm up the muscles. Squats will strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area. The activation of blood flow to the penis is facilitated by the exercise called "bicycle". The initial position is lying on the back. Legs bend at the knees, and rotational movements are made, as if you are riding a bicycle. This position of the legs above the head allows normalizing blood circulation.

Excellent prevention of erectile dysfunction is yoga. It is in this form of fitness concentrated a set of exercises and loads, aimed at strengthening the deep muscles. Also, all twists in yoga have the following effects on the body:

  • Relieve stress
  • Relax the muscles
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • The central nervous system is normalized
  • Strengthen the immune system

To normalize the psycho-emotional background, it is extremely important to rest. Therefore, the essence of the successful prevention of erectile dysfunction is a clear delineation of work and rest. It is important for a man to get an eight-hour sleep. During sleep, all the processes in the body are restored, fatigue is removed and the brain is completely rebooted. Only in this case it is possible to avoid early erectile dysfunction.

For the prevention of impotence, it is very important to give up such an addiction as smoking. It is also the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. If you do not give up smoking cigarettes and cigars, all other preventive measures will not give a positive result.

Sometimes, doctors prescribe the use of special pills for prevention of erectile dysfunction. They are also used even if there is such a problem. Thus, the following are highly effective:

If a hormonal failure occurs in the body of a man, it is extremely important to start hormonal therapy to avoid impotence. That's why you should not delay timely visit to the doctor. Confidential conversation with a specialist will help to solve this problem very quickly. If you follow all preventive measures, you’ll be able to stay healthy as long as possible.

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