Causes of hemorrhoid after childbirth

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Many women, when they become mothers, face such an intimate problem as hemorrhoid after childbirth. It is very difficult, if not impossible to cope with this disease alone, so it is important to know the main directions and methods of therapy, the first signs of this illness, in order to timely seek help.

Causes of hemorrhoid in women after childbirth, in most cases are the peculiarities of the process of pregnancy and labor. As the future baby grows within the mother's belly, her uterus gets bigger, it begins to exert pressure on the organs of the small pelvis. As a result, there is a disorder of the outflow of blood, stagnation of blood. The phenomenon becomes more and more pronounced with every week.

Among other causes that provoke hemorrhoid after childbirth, it is necessary to talk about:

1. Disorders of the intestine (constipation). Due to increased pressure of the uterus on the intestine there is a decrease in its tone. This leads to a malfunction of the peristalsis and prevents the normal progression of fecal masses

2. Hypodynamia. Every day during pregnancy, it becomes more difficult to move for a future mother, so she usually don’t move that much. She spends a large amount of time pregnant in a sitting or lying position. This provokes a deterioration of blood flow in the pelvic organs, creating excellent conditions for the development of hemorrhoids

3. Features of the diet. During pregnancy many women want to eat unusual foods. This affects the circulation of the pelvic organs, which increases the risk of developing the illness

Postpartum hemorrhoid (after childbirth) can be external or internal. This classification takes into account the location of hemorrhoids. Both forms have practically the same clinical picture in the early stages, but with time it changes. So, for internal hemorrhoids, the nodes are outside the anus and visible without a special examination. In the internal form of the disease, the nodes are inside the body and are diagnosed with the help of special medical equipment.

Let's now discuss the symptoms of hemorrhoid in women after childbirth. Depending on clinical manifestations, there are 4 degrees of hemorrhoids. Each of them has characteristic features. At the same time, the first signs of this illness can be noticed even when a future mother is in the hospital. Because of this disease, the accumulated fecal masses are not removed from the body; there is a constipation, which further exacerbates the stagnation of blood. There is a gradual increase of already existing nodes.

At this time, the future mother observes the appearance of the first disturbing signs of hemorrhoid after childbirth:

  • Feeling of heaviness in the region of the anus
  • Discomfort, feeling of a foreign subject in the rectum
  • Pain during the act of defecation
  • Blood in feces

External hemorrhoid after childbirth

This form of pathology has a vivid clinical picture, so signs of hemorrhoid after childbirth are very obvious. The first thing that indicates possible health problems itching and burning localized in the anus. Often there are small cracks in the rectum that begin to bleed. These first signals should be a reason for seeking medical health and if the woman ignores these signs, the disease progresses. This leads to protrusion of hemorrhoids outside, painful feelings during bowel movements, accompanied by bleeding and severe pain when touching and palpating nodes.

Internal form

Symptoms at the initial stage might be absent. The hemorrhoidal nodes are not visible, as they are inside the rectum and are located under its mucous membrane. Often they cause no concerns and are absolutely painless. The first thing that newborn moms might notice — insignificant traces of blood on toilet paper after defecation. Among other symptoms of the disease are: pain during defecation, feeling incomplete emptying of the intestine, discomfort, burning and itching in the anus.

Every mom knows what to do if she has hemorrhoid after the birth of the child. First you need to go to a doctor. Independent attempts to treat hemorrhoids can adversely affect the overall well-being and health of the mother. In addition, taking a certain kind of medication negatively affects the process of lactation. Only a skilled medical professional can prescribe medications in this case. These medications should be selected individually, taking into account the stage of the disease, its severity and type. The universal remedy does not exist; therefore the treatment can be different for different women.

Is hemorrhoid after childbirth curable? When properly treated, the illness is cured without problem. Hemorrhoidal veins gradually decrease in volume, there is no inflammation and the patient feels much better. However, it should be borne in mind that the vessels no longer have the same elasticity and tone as before, so women must adhere to certain rules to avoid relapse of the disease. Specialists recommend:

  • Avoid excessive exercise
  • Adhere to the rules of personal hygiene
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by performing certain exercises

Childbirth hemorrhoids in the absence of appropriate therapy can impose a mark on the state of the reproductive system and the health of women as a whole. One should not forget that the individual symptoms of hemorrhoids can conceal serious retinal pathology:

  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Injuries
  • Pathological changes of necrotic nature
  • Malignant tumors

Extended vessels located in the hemorrhoids site are prone to rupture and damage. This greatly increases the risk of bleeding. In this case, there is a need for intensive care, surgical operation. Moreover, neglected chronic hemorrhoids can cause blood clots. Clogging of the vessels causes the circulation of organs: thromboembolism of vessels, coronary arteries. When mothers learn about possible complications they begin to look for ways to get rid of hemorrhoids after childbirth.

In our time, there are many medicines for the treatment of this illness, including creams, ointments, pills and rectal candles. The most important thing to consider when choosing these medications is that an ill mother can accidentally give some medications to her baby along with breast milk. Therefore, the doctor should choose a medicine that wouldn’t harm the mother or the child. In certain cases, the mother is forced to completely abandon breastfeeding and then the doctor should recommend a good baby formula. These medications patients can find at many drugstores or they can find the best place to buy prescription drugs online.

Even before start taking medications for postpartum hemorrhoids treatment, doctors recommend to change diet. A proper diet helps to improve general well-being and get rid of the signs of the illness. It is necessary to eat foods rich in fiber. It enhances the intestinal motility, improves its function, therefore it is necessary to include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. Specialists recommend eating vegetable salads, low-fat broths, dietary meat (beef, rabbit, chicken) and dairy products.

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