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There is a widespread view that the fairer sex does not require either women's Viagra, nor any other stimulants for libido growth. But still Addyi for low libido is very popular around the world.

The difficulties with sexual desire are inherent in women and men. Most of the women who are in a long-term relationship often complain that, over time, the vividness of passions is subsiding. In addition, many of them argue that they do not want sex not only with the boyfriend or husband, but also with no one else. Ladies sometimes even say that this part of their lives simply does not interest them anymore.

Some psychologists believe that such changes in sexual desire are the norm, for those women who enter the menopause period. Others believe that such sexual dysfunction requires treatment, and this condition can arise because of changes in chemical equilibrium in brain activity.

Until recently, medicines designed to awaken sexual feelings in women did not exist, but pharmacists managed to create a means that will return the sex drive.

This medicine makes women think about sex quite differently. Particles of the brain that are responsible for sexual thoughts and desires, under the influence of Flibanserin (the active substance of Addyi) begin to work. In addition, this product allows women to achieve a more vivid orgasm, making sex brighter. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to call the medication Addyi, influencing the brain, Viagra for the ladies.

The famous blue pill has an effect on male sexual member, but Addyi (Flibanserin) works with psychological problems in women. Thanks to this innovative medicine in the lives of many women, cardinal changes can occur.

Flibanserin is the name of the drug, which was invented in the late nineties by German scientists to combat depression. But the tests of the new medicine showed that this product does not have a huge effect on the mood of people. But the participants of the research began to note with amazement some piquant side effects. Women said that their interest in sex has grown significantly.

At the same time, new trials were conducted, and the participants taking Flibanserin said that they had sex much more often. As a result, this drug was decided not to be used as an antidepressant, but to concentrate completely on these new properties of it. Scientists have tried to change it into a stimulant of sexual attraction for women who suffer from a decrease in sexual desire, and they succeeded.

Under the influence of Flibanserin in the brain, the degree of production of serotonin - a hormone of good mood and dopamine - a pleasure hormone increases. Due to this, Addyi for women, as its creators convince, will make feel the sexual desire even those women who have never been temperamental.

Clear reasons for the appearance of sexual dysfunction in women have not yet been clarified. One of the hypotheses suggests that disorders with a decrease in sex drive result from the impossibility of “turning off” the frontal lobes of the brain responsible for performing daily tasks. These tasks include: the inability to solve problems at work or to overcome economic difficulties, or to settle some not very pleasant things.

As a result, the center of reinforcement of brain activity, responsible for motivating the need for sexual pleasure, ceases to function normally. Addyi acts by regulating the balance of signaling molecules (neurotransmitters), specifically dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, in suitable brain textures.

Scientists say that Addyi either restores the biochemical balance, or compensates for the shortage of certain substances, as if establishing the whole system. But it is possible that the medicine turns off the frontal structures of the brain, suppressing sexual desire.

Despite the fact that this new medication is well studied and appreciated by many women, it has a number of side effects. Addyi side effects include:

  • Sharp drop in blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Dizziness

Therefore, medical professionals say that if you are no longer interested in sex, you must first ask yourself: maybe the problem is in your relationship with a particular lover and if you try tomake love with anyone else everything is normal? After all, if there are real difficulties in the relationship between lovers, maybe you just have to go to a psychologist.

Treatment of low libido should not always begin with the reception of female libido pills. First, it is necessary to exclude the reasons that can activate sexual disorders, for example, lethargy, stress and difficulties in the relationship.

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