Leg cramps

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What should you do if you often fall victim to leg cramps and pain is often unbearable? How to eliminate pain? — Often, women ask this question.  They, incidentally, feel these alarming signals of the body more often than men. It is for them, and for the representatives of the strong half of humanity, today we will tell what the reason for the appearance of leg cramps is and how to avoid "close acquaintance" with this unpleasant phenomenon.

What do we mean when we talk about leg cramps? What happens in this situation is basically a sharp muscle contraction and this happens involuntarily, without our participation, and the extreme stress in which the muscles are for a certain time causes a very strong, sometimes unbearable pain.

Especially dangerous leg muscle cramps are because they are virtually impossible to foresee. Imagine this picture: you are driving a car, swimming in the pool or rolling on skates and suddenly your leg is pierced by a sharp, almost unbearable pain. Of course, in such a stasis, it is difficult to remain concentrated and continue to engage in the same activity. More often people are distracted by pain and this can be dangerous. Leg cramps while swimming may even be the cause of drowning. Therefore we need to study this problem well and know what to do to never touch it.

Doctors even came up with classification of muscle cramps and divided them into different types. The most obvious thing, which distinguishes different types of attacks from each other, this is the duration of the attack. There are spasms that are short-lived, but there are those during which the muscles are contracted for longer periods of time.

What are the causes of leg cramps? Probably the most unpleasant reason for occurrence of this symptom is the onset of multiple sclerosis, which is accompanied by, among other things, muscle cramps. If you notice a recurrence of cramps in your legs, this is a signal for a visit to a doctor! Your task is to exclude all possible diseases, possibly undergo all the necessary examinations. Also, cramps in the legs can be caused by:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Flat feet
  • Poor circulation in the lower extremities
  • Lack of minerals and other substances the body needs
  • Failure in the metabolic processes occurring in the muscles
  • Varicose veins or thrombophlebitis
  • Cardiovascular illness
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Kidney damage
  • Menstruation
  • Excessive load on the legs during work or sports

Let's talk about certain points in more details, because they are more widespread than others. These are flat feet, varicose veins but also stress, excessive muscle tension, for example, during workout. Another cause of cramping is severe overcooling, when the muscle of the feet stay in ice water or in the cold.

But the most frequent reason is deficiency in the body of magnesium, which participates in the transfer of nerve impulses to muscle cells, as well as calcium, which is a physiological partner of magnesium. Vitamin D is the last in the trio of the best elements for seizures prevention. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. The problem of the lack of these minerals is worsened by the fact that there are many factors that contribute to their loss.

The most frequent causes of mineral deficiency are:

  • Taking some medications that complicate the absorption of magnesium by the body. For example, antacids, used to treat heartburn, enveloping the gastric mucosa and protecting its walls from aggressive action of hydrochloric acid, simultaneously slow down the absorption of vitamins and trace elements. Insulin and Euphyllinum promote the removal of this mineral from cells. Very often, elderly people take these medications and suffer from nocturnal leg cramps
  • Pregnancy. The future mother needs twice the usual norm of calcium and magnesium
  • Stress leads to loss of calcium, it is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system and rapid relaxation of the muscles
  • Diets with high protein content complicate the absorption of calcium
  • Enhanced sweating. Together with the sweat the body loses a lot of magnesium, for this reason seizures in the muscles occur especially in summer

There are many methods of leg cramps treatment, but prevention is the best way to never encounter such a phenomenon. What can be done in advance to prevent unpleasant feelings? First of all — proper diet!

In your diet, you must have products that provide the supply of proteins — the structural component of the organs and muscle tissues. It proteins provide a normal reduction and smooth operation of the muscles. Products high in protein — meat, dairy products, cheeses, legumes.

Carbohydrates, entering our body, supply it with glycogen, which can still be called fuel for muscles, so provide yourself with enough carbohydrates. What are the most useful carbohydrates? Not buns and ice cream! Eat more varied fruits and vegetables, which are a source of useful carbohydrates.

However, the greatest supply of energy is given by fats, and in no case can they be completely abandoned, and in no case can they be excluded from the diet. They ensure the normal work of many biological processes, among which — the correct muscles work. A slice of bacon, a little bit of butter will help you to provide the body with fats to the fullest.

It is mandatory to include in your regular menu raw fruits and vegetables that will help you "deliver" vitamins to your body — vital substances. Freshly squeezed juices are also allowed; you just have to remember that your task is to preserve vitamins before they start to break down because of cooking

Lack of mineral substances in the body can be filled, if you do not forget to include in your diet the following products:

Calcium — cheese, cheese, cereals of various cereals, legumes

Potassium — potatoes "in a uniform", bananas, oranges

Magnesium — seaweed, nuts, sunflower seeds, yoghurt

Natrium — parsley, celery, carrots, eggs, cheese

Now you know what causes leg cramps. Without a doubt, the pain symptom that occurs anywhere in our body is a signal that our "intelligent" organism sends to us. And often this signal says that an illness has not yet developed and there is time to take measures. One of such measures is the transition from the usual diet to a healthy, balanced and enriched with vitamins and minerals. If you pay more attention to what you eat, then you’ll be able to not only reduce the incidence of leg cramps, but also prevent the development of many serious illnesses, increase your energy and improve overall well-being. 

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