How to treat muscle spasm?

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We don't care much about muscle spasms because in 95% of cases they don't last long and don't torture us too often, but sometimes they might last a long period, significantly worsening the quality of life. In this case you need to know how to treat muscle spasm to feel better in a short period of time.

In fact, the muscle tissue of a person is always in tension. In order to keep your head straight and straighten your back, or to move your eyes and even just to breathe requires the work of muscles. Even the simplest actions are connected with the contraction of dozens of muscles, each of which consists of hundreds of fibers.

Muscle spasms are a prolonged unreasonable strain of a muscle or its part, causing a painful condition and restricting movement. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a person who on his or her own unlucky experience does not know what it is.

In order for the system to function normally and without problems, the muscle tissue must always remain elastic, but sometimes physical activity, stretching, other factors leave the muscle in a state of stress for longer than the action itself lasted, which causes pain. It can be as strong, quite noticeable, and even interfering with free movement and in rare cases completely unnoticeable but there is still a spasm. Muscle spasm differs from cramps in its duration and leads to strong painful sensations.

Treatment of muscle spasms

This condition often takes us by surprise, and if we want to get back to normal activities, we need urgently do something to get rid of pain. The following techniques of muscle spasm treatment at home are very helpful.

Massage — from the usual gentle stroking to a full relaxing massage, which is best performed after taking a hot bath or a shower in a word, when the muscles are already slightly warmed up. Start to massage the affected areas from below upwards in the direction of the lymph flow, not pressing too hard on the skin, so as not to injure the nerve endings.

Contrast shower is perfect for preventing spasms. With temperature changes, the vessels quickly narrow or, conversely, expand, which causes an increased blood flow. Improved blood circulation promotes saturation of muscles with oxygen and improves the general condition of tissues.

Heating procedures with the help of warm salt, warmers or wraps are ideal for hard-to-reach places; they are also great for back muscle spasms treatment. If you decide to try the latter, you can make honey wraps they perfectly warm the problem areas, and also improve the skin condition.

A short workout is a good way to quickly get rid of spasms if there is no time for other ways. Even if you are a resident of a big city, you work a lot, you can find a place and time to stretch a little, to do some neck rotations, bend your legs, thus restoring blood circulation and eliminating a spasm attack.

As therapeutic and preventive measures are also used special types of exercises that help stretch, relax muscles and relieve spasm.

Muscle spasms in neck treatment

Make the head tilting forward and backward, stretching the muscles to the limit. Rhythmically repeat 5-8 times.

Rotate the head alternately to the right and left shoulder. At the same time, the head as if looks down, as the chin is tilted towards to the chest. After 4-5 rolls do the same exercise with the head tilted back the head tries to reach to the shoulder blades.

Tilt the head to the right and left shoulder10-15 times.

Treatment of back muscle spasms

It is good to stretch and straighten your back; your hands are trying to reach the ceiling, to rise on your toes. Then slowly, feeling every movement, lean forward, your hands to the floor. At the same time you need to bend the lower back, not the chest. Once again stand up and stretch up, bend over in the back and reach for your back. Repeat these slopes 4-6 times.

Stand straight; your feet are not too wide apart. Hands freely lowered along the body (you can also put them on the waist). In turn, move up and down the right and then the left shoulder. While doing so, try to ensure that the body itself is relaxed.

Lie on the floor on your back and curl up into the "embryo pose". Press the knees to the stomach, press the head to the chest. Lie in this state for 1-2minutes. If there is a rug on the floor, you can swing a little forward and back.

Leg muscle spasms treatment

For the muscles of the inner side of the thighs — bend your knees, as if there is a chair behind you, your left leg should be straightened in front of you. Try to touch your toes with your fingers. Repeat the same with the right foot.

For the four-headed muscle — low lunge position, your right foot forward, and the left one is behind you. Weight is on the foot of the right foot and the knee of the left. Pull the foot of the left leg towards the back. Repeat the same actions with the opposite legs.

For gastrocnemius muscles — put your right foot forward so that it is 15-20 cm above the floor. Stretch the toes to yourself and away from yourself. And the same with the left foot.

If you want to try the above described recommendations, hopefully you are going to achieve success. But keep in mind, that if you don’t feel comfortable, feel painful sensations you better stop.

The best way to avoid spasms is to do sport wisely. Do not forget to take breaks and do not get carried away by sedentary work.

As a rule, the treatment of painful muscle spasm involves treatment of the underlying disease, unless, of course, this is impossible. Usually, spasms, accompanied by a pain accompany osteochondrosis of the spine and myofascial pain. In this case, the treatment of muscle spasm in the acute period of the illness involves rest, avoidance of sharp movements and painful poses. In the acute period of the illness, it is better to spend time at home, because movements can be quite painful for the patient.

If a patient feels terrible pain, the doctor usually prescribes certain muscle relaxants, for example Lioresal, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. If the patient needs to move, it is advisable to wear a cervical or lumbar corset. With the weakening of the pain syndrome, gradual increase in physical activity is recommended, as well as the implementation of a special course of exercises (recommended by the doctor) for the restoration and strengthening of muscles. We need to take care of our body, which means that we need to listen to the signals it sends us.

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