How to take Revia?

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Drugs and alcohol are a global problem of our time. Revia and its analogues are often used to solve it. The agent is a competitive antagonist of opiate receptors. This means that it displaces opiate molecules or prevents their binding to sensitive receptors. Thanks to this, the effect of taking drugs is weakened, and the person no longer feels the usual euphoria. As a result, the dependence gradually disappears. Oral reception, injections or stitching Revia help to get rid of drug dependence and psycho-emotional disorders caused by it. The drug quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms and cravings fortoxic substances. Coding by medication Revia is one of the most effective methods of treatment different addictions. 

It is a modern drug designed specifically to eliminate opiate addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism. It is usually included in the complex treatment of drug dependence. In many clinics and drug dispensaries, coding is performed by this drug. The main active substance blocks receptors, which transmit signals to the center of pleasure in the brain when a person drinks. That is, a person ceases to experience pleasure from alcohol. This drug is needed notonly for alcoholics mostly they are bought by drug addicts in case of an overdose. With it there is a chance to stay alive. 

The drug has undergone laboratory and clinical studies, has all the necessary quality certificates, is approved by narcologists and has earned excellent customer feedback. The use of the drug is permissible only with the permission of the doctor. Testimonials of narcologists claim that Revia is the most radical and effective method of fighting addiction. A person cannot stop taking pills or skip another injection. Therefore, this coding is very effective, and its duration is much longer. Revia helps to eliminate all the problems if people cannot control themselves. The course leads to the fact that a person does not notice the effect of taking opiates or alcohol. Naturally, after this, the meaning of their further use disappears. Thus, the drug helps a person get rid of bad habits. The duration of action of Revia depends on the dose of the drug and the route of administration. Pills of 50 mg neutralize the drugs taken during the day, 100 mg two, 150 mg three. The drug is taken strictly according to the schedule prescribed by the doctor. Only in this case the treating will be effective and safe. For people that have problems with drinking usually 50 mg can be helpful. It provides a gradual release of main ingredient and effective coding. This is the so-called prolong version of the drug. The clinics offer several options stitching an implant for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. All this time a person will not feel euphoric after taking drugs or alcohol. Encoding can only be done by a qualified specialist in a specialized medical institution. As already mentioned, the drug is included in the treatment of opium and alcohol dependence. In addition, the drug is used for an overdose of narcotic analgesics. In fact, it is an antidote, that is, it removes surpluses of Morphine-type drugs from the body.


Abstinence syndrome;

The isolation of opioids in the analysis of urine;

Hepatic insufficiency or acute hepatitis;

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. 

Treatment can begin only after consulting a specialist, a comprehensive examination and the delivery of all necessary tests. Coding of alcoholism is carried out in a clinic or special programs. 

To take the pill a patient can only after a week of abstinence from drinking and drugs. In alcoholism is taken 50 mg of medication once a day for three months. For the treatment of opiate dependence, there is a special scheme for taking the drug. Instructions for tablets contain recommended treatment regimens. The course of therapy should last 3-6 months. This drug is allowed only after all the opiates have been removed from the body. Before the procedure, you need to do urine test and take other tests recommended by your doctor. Revia acts for a long time, due to which a person has time to completely get out of the way of taking drugs and get rid of alcoholism. Such coding is effective same as taking tablets or capsules. Scientists also showed that the drug can have a beneficial effect on cancer patients, if it is taken in small doses.

The experience of more than 350 patients who took the drug from one to several months, allows us to state: Revia has a high efficiency, and also demonstrates the optimal "price / quality" ratio in comparison with its analogues.

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