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Proctologists for hemorrhoids almost always prescribe drugs that help improve the condition of blood vessels. To list of them belong Pilex tablets. Their main advantage over other similar medicines is their natural composition, and hence the minimum of negative effects on the body. Pilex refers to phytopreparations with a venotonic effect. It helps to increase the tone of the venous walls, improves the condition of veins and increases their resistance to negative effects. Also, the medicine removes the main symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is produced in plastic jars of 60 tablets. Tablets have a round-oblong shape, a brown color with patches of different shades.

The preparation is made on a plant basis, it contains powders of medicinal herbs, minerals and plant extracts. The composition of Pilex pills includes:

• Mummy powder purified;

• Extract of cassia fruits;

• Extract of the roots of barberry;

• Peel fruits of the terminology of the chebula;

• Variegata variegata variegated;

• Extract of flowers mesua iron;

• Shell of fruit Beleric, Terminalia chebula;

• Fruit of the medicated embryo;

• A powder of the nejad of Indian;

• Composite gum mucus.

Also the preparation contains the processed extract of a collection of plants - corms of amorphousphallus bell-bellied, resin of the Malay blume, seeds of the caesalpinia of the chestouc, mimosa of the bashful, commelin and the willow. In addition, the instructions contain information on the presence of additional components in the medicine. These include magnesium stearate, carmellose sodium, silicon dioxide colloid, copovidone, microcrystalline cellulose. Thanks to its rich composition Pilex has a complex effect on the body. It has antioxidant, membrane-stabilizing, antimicrobial, venotonic, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. On the body it acts as follows:

Reduces venous congestion;

Relieves swelling;

Accelerates healing processes;

Improves microcirculation;

Suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria;

Helps stop bleeding;

Strengthens the vascular walls;

Reduces pain.

It also has a laxative effect, which makes it easier to empty the bowels, prevents injuries to enlarged knots, and makes defecation less painful.

Himalaya Pilex tablets can be assigned in:

Hemorrhoids 1-2 degrees;

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Less often the drug is used in:


Varicose veins.

The exact dosage, as well as the period of therapy should be prescribed exclusively by the doctor. In the instructions for use, Pilex for hemorrhoids should be taken twice a day. Single dose is 2 tablets. The duration of treatment is set individually, on average it is 2-4 weeks. If the disease worsens, the dosage can be increased. In this case it is allowed to take 3 pieces 2-3 times a day. In this mode, Pilex treatment should be performed within 7 days, after which the intake is reduced to 2 tablets per day. To take the pill is recommended after breakfast and dinner, with an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, when the number of receptions increases to 3, even after dinner. The drug can be swallowed whole or chewed, while it is recommended to drink plenty of water. Special studies concerning the effect of Pilex on the fetus or breast milk have not been conducted. Therefore, despite the natural composition of this product, it is highly undesirable to take it during the period of bearing a child or lactation.

In order to significantly improve the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to take pills together with Pilex cream together. Also, this medication can act as one of the components of a comprehensive medical treatment of hemorrhoids at home. It can be used in conjunction with suppositories, gels, ointments and other products intended for local effects. It is also possible to take Pilex capsules and other tabletted forms. However, such therapy should always be agreed with a specialist.

Pilex contraindications are:

Ulcer and erosive lesions of the stomach and intestines;

Hypersensitivity to the components of tablets;

Thrombosis of hemorrhoidal plexuses;

Heavy hemorrhoidal hemorrhages;


Period of pregnancy;


According to the information of the manufacturer and the patients' opinions, the medication causes side effects only in isolated cases. When taking the drug may cause diarrheal phenomena:




And also allergic reactions, which, as a rule, are manifested by a skin rash, itching, redness or peeling of the skin.

All of the above symptoms, usually, do not require specific treatment and pass after the withdrawal of the drug.

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