Drugs and alcohol

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Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) contained in alcoholic drinks by analogy with drugs has several pharmacological effects. In humans with it are the same reactions as with drugs: absorption, distribution, connection with blood proteins, metabolism in the liver and output. And most importantly - ethanol may interact with other medicines that you take on your own or on the advice of a doctor. This interaction of drugs and alcohol may in some cases lead to very serious consequences.

Consequently, are possible two main situations: alcohol alters the action of drugs or medication changes the effects of alcohol. We will not consider cases where admiration with it is already a professional, a chronic basis: here begins to work other mechanisms.

Ethanol affects the CNS and can interact with psychotropic drugs:

  • narcotic analgesics;
  • hypnotics;
  • antidepressants;
  • neuroleptics (used to correct psychomotor agitation, in the treatment of psychosis). The result can be a suppression of the CNS until loss of consciousness, coma and most dangerous - stop breathing.

Many people do not consider it necessary to read all the instructions for the drug that you can find in the package but there you can find a lot of useful information.

While taking Clonidine:

The consequences that threaten life in the form of sharp drop in blood pressure accompanied by loss of memory with the possible use of alcohol while taking Clonidine (potent drugs that are not recommended for long-term treatment of hypertension but used in uncomplicated hypertensive crises).

The damage from prolonged use of alcohol and medications:

Long-term daily intake of small doses of alcohol (1-2 glasses of wine or beer) can decrease the effectiveness of certain drugs, such as narcotic analgesics. And because of this the drug quickly destroyed in the liver and has worse effect or no effect at all.

It is important to be notified whether you can drink alcohol with a particular drug and also is important how to take medication. Even if it is not forbidden it does not mean you can take a tablet and wash it down with whiskey. There are certain rules and to save your health is important to adhere to them.

Damage from taking strong drinks and large doses of alcohol and drugs:

Reception of alcohol in large quantities leads to a suppression of liver enzymes involved in the destruction of drugs. This, in turn, leads to the fact that drugs accumulate in the body and can cause serious side effects - until conditions hazardous to life. So, if in patients receiving Warfarin (a drug that greatly dilutes the blood and is used to treat and prevent thrombosis) patient takes a large amount of alcohol - it in times increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding or bleeding in the brain.

The damage from prolonged use of alcohol:

The drugs themselves can prevent the destruction of ethanol in the body. Some antibacterial (cephalosporins, nitrofurans, metronidazole) and antifungal drugs inhibit the metabolism. With the substance atsetoaldehid is associated clinical manifestations hangover: headache, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, trembling. Similar symptoms appear and the interaction of alcohol with some drugs. And the effect lasts for all time data reception drugs and 7 days after discontinuation. We cannot say that it is advisable to withdraw from this habit. It is allowed and even for someone useful but only if we are not talking about abuse. All these examples are not the only ones.

So, if you are using drugs listed above, avoid alcohol in any form. About how ethanol interact with other drug you can read in the instructions for use (sections "Interaction", "Special instructions") or find out from the doctor, pharmacist at the pharmacy. Remember that ethanol is a part of various medicinal tinctures for alcohol which are often sold in online pharmacy without prescription. In online pharmacy reviews you can read everything about drugs you take and opinions of people that tried them and choose best international online pharmacy for you. So going to a party during treatment, try to replace drinks to more harmless for your health!

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