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It's no secret that attractiveness of the skin depends on our lifestyle, the food we prefer, on how much we work out, and many other factors. Therefore, it requires not only external care and protection, but also internal support for its preservation. No expensive cosmetics (masks with collagen, miracle creams and serums) will help you if your body is lacking essential anti-aging vitamins and trace elements.

All of us take our skin for granted. But after all, it is the largest and most multifunctional organ we have. Its functions include protection from the unfavorable environmental conditions, bacteria and radiation, thermoregulation, respiration, absorption (absorption) of various substances and their metabolism.

Any problems that arise (pimples, cellulite, wrinkles, etc.), we try to solve immediately with the help of expensive cosmetics. Meanwhile, often these kinds of manifestations on the skin signal us about problems and violations within our body! For example, pimples are slags that were not eliminated from the body by the liver or kidneys. Or wrinkles they are not always evidence that the person has become older, it often happens that they are a consequence of weakening of the skin muscles.

A dark shade of the skin, wrinkles, the skin ceases to be pleasant to the touch all these signs appear as we get older. However, it happens also that the signs of aging begin to appear much earlier. All these signs may also be a consequence of the lack of vitamins in the body, in particular, the lack of best anti-aging vitamins — ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and tocopherol (vitamin E). Ascorbic acid activates the process of collagen production and is responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin. Deficiency of collagen fibers leads to the fact that the skin becomes flabby and dull, pigmentation increases. Moreover, it strengthens blood vessels, accelerates healing of wounds, and also shows anti-allergic action.

The source of vitamin C is citrus, black currant, apples, kiwi, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, radishes, beets, turnips, green peas, zucchini, radishes, eggplants, red peppers, herbs, lettuce, horseradish, asparagus, and spinach. Remember that this vitamin is easily destroyed by cooking, and in contact with metal surfaces.

Vitamin E or tocopherol is also one of the best vitamins for anti-aging, without which the skin simply cannot have a healthy and radiant appearance. It protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, helps to slow down the processes of its aging, aligns it, and stimulates the processes of regeneration. Much of it is found in vegetable oils, nuts, spinach, beets, unroasted rice, and young sprouts of cereals.

Regular use of vitamin A for a long time makes the skin young and beautiful and slows down the processes of its aging. This vitamin is found in fish oil, egg yolks, and liver. It plays a huge role in moisturizing the skin. Helps regulate water balance while keeping moisture. It is especially important at an older age when the natural process of collagen synthesis is slowing down.

These three main vitamins of beauty are found in many vitamin creams that you can buy at any cosmetics store or in any international online pharmacy. For example, generic Renova is a topical form of vitamin A. But you must treat application of creams with vitamin A with caution. After applying them, you should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, because there is a high risk of pigmentation. Those who have a tendency to hyperpigmentation before using those creams must consult a cosmetologist.

Vitamins of group B are also important for the beauty of our skin. For example, B1 protects against premature skin aging, B2 has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails, maintaining them in a healthy state; vitamin B3 is responsible for pigmentation of hair, vitamin B5 smoothes wrinkles,vitaminB9protects against the negative effects of the environment. Lack of vitamin B6 leads to the appearance of dermatitis, and vitamin B10 deficiency) is threatened with strong sunburn, as it is an antioxidant that protects our skin against damage by sunlight.

In addition, our skin needs vitamins D and K. Vitamin D slows down the aging process of the skin, supporting its beauty. Vitamin K relieves inflammation and swelling of the skin, fights with freckles and pigmented spots.

It is impossible to describe the entire list of anti-aging vitamins and supplements, it is very long. In addition, they are important not only for the skin, because they affect all the internal organs.

It should be noted that top anti-aging vitamins are present in virtually all food products. Another thing is whether they reach our body, because traditional cooking methods simply destroy the nutrients in food before it is consumed. However, there is also a way out. There are ways to cook, which maximally store vitamins and nutrients. For example, baking, steaming. Porridge for garnish is better to cook by steaming method. If you want to cook porridge on milk, then first you should boil the cereal in water almost to readiness, and then pour milk and bring to a boil. Hot milk destroys vitamins, and because of calcium vitamins cannot be digested. The benefits of such a meal are minimal.

For the beauty and health of the skin in your diet should be included as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible. As salad dressings it is recommended to use low-fat sour cream, natural yogurt, vegetable oil (preferably olive oil).

Rational nutrition and anti-aging vitamin complexes will help your skin to radiate youth and freshness for many years.

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