Are generic drugs safe?

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A lot of people have questions about medications and the main is how to save on them. The only answer is to choose generics and therefore there rise a question – are generic drugs safe? The creation of a new drug is always a great discovery in the market and a source of great income for the company in which the drug was invented. In the event that other manufacturers immediately release analogues, using the "recipe" for the creation of drugs, the pioneer of the drug will lose profit, because the revenue will be divided between all the companies that will produce the drugs, and in which buyers will buy. Therefore, the invention will be protected and assigned to the creator by law and patent. This is a kind of stimulus for the advancement of science, because the revenues for the company that has managed to come up with a fundamentally new and necessary drug for consumers will be enormous.

Why are the originals so expensive?

It should be noted that this income is also necessary in order to cover the costs of the process of creating an innovative product. As a rule, the time interval between the beginning of development and the market entry of pharmaceutical products of a novelty is for years, and sometimes for decades. At that time, scientists worked in the laboratories, receiving salaries, special equipment was used. Before the tests were successful, many other versions of the drug did not meet expectations and after that are produced generics which explain its cheapness and confirm that generic drugs safe.

How is the cost of the drug calculated?

After the necessary composition has been created, the manufacturer must introduce it to the market, carry out an advertising campaign, train physicians and pharmacists. Thus, on average, one billion US dollars is needed to obtain a new pharmacological product. Therefore, appointing the cost of packaging a new drug, the manufacturer plans to:

recoup the cost of creation;

make a profit;

obtain funds for the creation of other drugs. 

The term of patent can start from five years to 25 years. During the patent, no other pharmaceutical company has the legal right to create a drug with the same composition under a different or the same name. But after the term of the patent ends, other companies can create funds with the same composition and action. Thus, a generic is a drug whose formulation is copied from the original preparation after the term of its patent expires. And as such companies have rights to produce the same composition medications we can say that generic drugs are safe.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?

Generics are different from the original cost. Given the fact that the generic is a recreated medicine, the manufacturer does not spend money on the development. They just need to make a drug, advertise it, and the income from the creation will be received.

In addition, that the manufacturer does not need to pay back enormous expenses, in terms of logic, he will not make the cost of the drug high, because in this case, the consumer will choose the original that has been on the market for many years and causes more confidence. But low cost is a good motivator for buying. Considering the fact that the original producer has received the necessary profit, and the generic is a high-quality drug, the benefits of such a system of creating medicines in the modern market for all its participants is obvious. Generic drugs safe and effective as branded so if people cannot afford the more expensive they can try generics.

How to distinguish a generic from a fake?

It is important to understand that generic is not a fake and it is absolutely legal product, issued after the expiry of the patent. To recognize a counterfeit of a medicinal product is simple, it has a number of signs: packaging of poor quality, in the description of the product on the package or instruction there are orthographic mistakes. At the extreme, you can contact the quality control department, where in a special laboratory the acquisition will be studied for compliance with the description. As you understood generic drugs safe but only if they are produced in a reliable companies. 

Many products become so popular that their name becomes common. In pharmacology, this situation occurred with the means to increase male potency and treat erectile dysfunction. And if a person is aware of the system of creating analogues and he does not have questions "generic – what is that?" He is aware of the availability of inexpensive means, completely identical to the popular "Viagra". It was released in the UK in the mid-nineties, and was a huge success. Before the drug from this group is called "Viagra", even if the drug has a different name. Given that the patent for the drug has already passed, new analogous preparations began to appear on the market, the active substance of which also became Sildenafil citrate. For example, you can buy medication, which has the same composition and pharmacological properties as Viagra - Cialis. There are a lot of medications that have the same action like Top 5 ED Pills but still a lot of people when hear “generic” think about pills for men.

In some cases, the creation of analogues is more relevant than when creating drugs to improve the quality of intimate life. For example, hepatitis is a disease whose therapy began to be developed no more than three decades ago. First, doctors offered to treat pathology with Interferon, but the results of the statistics were not very comforting. Then, Ribavirin was added to the Interferon, and they were able to achieve slightly more pronounced results.

To date, the generic is a concept, many have heard, but the essence of which is not known to everyone. It is important to understand that analogues of drugs, if they have the necessary accompanying documents, are not dangerous, are not counterfeits because cheap generic drugs safe, but, on the contrary, give the opportunity to receive treatment at a lower, affordable price. Therefore, they can be bought and needed, and in case of doubt, you can consult a pharmacist or a doctor.

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