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Many clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the substance in the fight against epilepsy in children. It is considered a vital medicine. This antiepileptic drug, derived from the essential oil of valerian officinalis.

It is easily absorbed by the body. The highest dose of the substance in the blood plasma is observed two hours after administration.

The likelihood of epileptic seizures is reduced due to the impact of drug Valproate on certain areas - epileptogenic foci. Studies on valproic acid have been going on for 37 years, and as a result, its therapeutic effect on epilepsy was determined, especially in children.

In addition to the antiepileptic effect, it relaxes the skeletal muscles and reduces anxiety and irritability. And also improve the mood and overall mental state of patients.

In comparison with other antiepileptic drugs, valproates are cheaper. Nevertheless, the Valproate low price is not indicative of low effectiveness of the drug but even vice versa - clinical studies have shown that it is one of the most effective medication in the fight against epilepsy, children's tics, various convulsive syndromes.

The drug is approved for the treatment of seizures and manic or mixed conditions associated with bipolar disorder, as well as to prevent migraine. They are also used for other conditions, in particular for other mental disorders. Also, this medicine is used to treat epileptic seizures.

Categorically, valproic acid preparations should not be used by people who suffer from serious impairment of liver, kidney or pancreas functions. Hemorrhagic diathesis is also a contraindication for taking medication. Also, the drug is contraindicated in patients suffering from acute or chronic hepatitis, porphyrin disease. In addition, before beginning treatment you must exclude increased sensitivity to it. Also you have to read the instruction before the therapy if you buy Generic Valproate online.

The medicine is taken orally, with food. Do not mix it with carbonated drinks, because it can cause irritation of the mouth or throat. Dosage is prescribed according to your health, weight, age and response to therapy.

The daily amount of drug in children should be related to age and body weight. Treatment should begin with the lowest possible dosages. As a rule, usually are taken about 10-15 mg per kilogram of weight per day. Further, the Valproate dosage can be increased by 5-10 mg per kilogram of weight per day until the desired therapeutic effect is achieved. The optimal dose is 20-30 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. If the positive effect is not observed and the seizures are repeated at the same frequency it may be increased.

For young children, it is recommended to prescribe higher doses of the substance. If medication is administered in combination with other drugs, the doses remain approximately the same. Exception - drugs that increase enzymatic activity. With them, the dose of Valproate should be increased. If the patient is prescribed more than 40 mg of substance per kilogram of weight per day, it is necessary to periodically test blood to determine the concentration of main substance in the blood.

The number of receptions per day is 2-3 times.

Alcohol with Valproate may increase drowsiness and increase the risk of liver damage.

It strengthens the effect of other anticonvulsants, sedatives and hypnotics. Acetylsalicylic acid and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, heparin, warfarin while taking with this medication, increase the risk of bleeding.

Special instructions apply to those patients who are treated with other drugs of this pharmacological group. In this case, Valproate medication should be administered gradually, so that the optimal clinical dose is reached after about 2 weeks. After that, slowly cancels other medications. In the combined treatment of epilepsy, the load on the liver increases, so during the therapy it is necessary to regularly monitor the liver, as well as the picture of peripheral blood, the process of blood coagulation. Considering the sedative effect of Valproate, during treatment patients 

To avoid Valproate side effects and achieve maximum effectiveness in the treatment of the drug, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage and course of treatment prescribed by the treating specialist.

According to the doctors' reviews about Valproate, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, hair loss, deterioration / double vision, changes in menstrual periods, ringing in the ears, shakiness (tremor), instability can occur during the initiation of therapy.

Here are some of the most common serious side effects:

• chest pain, signs of infection (eg, lymphadenopathy, fever, sore throat), swelling of the hands / feet, mild bruising, unexplained bleeding, irregular heartbeat, uncontrolled eye movement (nystagmus), rapid breathing, cold / shivering , loss of consciousness;

Serious allergic reactions to this medication are rare. You should keep medications in the original packaging with instructions inside. Putting the pills into other blisters or cutting off parts from the blisters is highly undesirable. Do not use overdue medications: the body's reaction to them may be quite unpredictable.

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