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Cognitive functions are the most important kind of man's higher mental activity, determining his ability to learn and work, thinking, attention and memory. The most common prerequisite for cognitive disorders and the development of dementia in the elderly by experts is Alzheimer's disease. Many scientists are trying to find a universal medicine that can cure them but unfortunately for today these diseases are not curable. But still there are drugs that can alleviate it and even slow its development. In this article we will tell you about Aricept medication prescribed for many people with this diagnosis.

A medicinal product manufactured in the form of coated tablets. The drug has the following international name - donepezil. The drug belongs to the group of cholinesterase inhibitors (an enzyme that is contained in the nerve tissues), which is prescribed in the treatment of patients with symptoms of dementia of the Alzheimer type. The active substance of the agent is an inhibitor of reversible cholinesterase. The active substance inhibits cholinesterase in the brain, blocking the very disintegration of acetylcholine, which performs the transfer of excitation to the central nervous system. It is also due to the reception of Aricept that the neurotransmitter (biologically active substance) is blocked, the function of which is the implementation of neuromuscular transmission. The main goal of the drug is to establish a normal transmission in the CNS, and also to suspend the development of Alzheimer's disease. Also, as the reviews have shown, Aricept drug rehabilitates the daytime activity of mentally ill patients. In addition to this, the drug showed the best results in the treatment of such behavioral disorders as apathy, unnecessarily duplicated movements, and hallucinations. If the patient takes the drug once in the amount of 5 or 10 mg, oppression of cholinesterase activity is observed at 63 and 77 percent, respectively, in dosage. The use of the drug significantly slows down the development of Alzheimer's disease, helps reduce the severity of cognitive symptoms and in some cases provides recovery of the patient's daily activity, and also greatly facilitates the care of him/her. Prescribing the medication in the course of therapy helps to correct behavior, reduce apathy, and exclude unreasonable repetitive movements and hallucinations.

The best recommendations from doctors and excellent reviews Aricept receives when it is used in the symptomatic treatment of dementia of the Alzheimer's type. The choice of the course of treatment and dosages is the task of a specialist doctor who deals with the treatment of this patient and knows the history of his illness. This is a prerequisite for maximum protection against possible Aricept side effects.

The drug is taken orally, once a day, the time of admission does not matter, but it is preferable to take the pill in the evening, or even better before going to bed. For the beginning, the optimal dose will be 5 mg once a day. This dosage should be observed for at least a month. If necessary, you can double the dose of the drug, further increase of the dose is not recommended, since such a change will not bring any benefit. Also it is allowed to continue receiving drug Aricept to maintain the effect.

Donepezil is categorically contraindicated in children. It is also recommended that patients who are suffering from:

• gastrointestinal bleeding;

• jaundice;

• Parkinson's disease.

In addition, the medicine is not prescribed to patients in:

• kidney failure;

• high pressure;

• craniocerebral trauma;

• during pregnancy and feeding.

In addition, the use of this agent is not recommended if there is an increased sensitivity to any of the components or the main active ingredient. Very carefully it is advisable to treat the use of the drug in obstructive pulmonary disease, a violation of the rhythm of the heart, an increased risk of ulceration.

In some cases, or if the symptoms of contraindications are ignored, the following side effects may occur:

• significant increase in the activity of CK;

• increased fatigue;

• fainting;

• insomnia;

• dizziness;

• convulsions;

• a bradycardia;

• diarrhea;

• nausea;

• indigestion;

• vomiting;

• headache;

• SA blockade;

• AV blockade.

Although vascular dementia due to cerebrovascular pathology is most common at the present time, a significant number of such patients simultaneously have neurodegenerative processes due to concomitant Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, in recent epidemiological studies, there has been strong evidence that vascular risk factors in mature and elderly people make a significant contribution to the development and progression of disease. So as you see a lot of serious diseases can cause other disease and that is why you should care about yourself and be aware about any possible disease.

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