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Welcome to the Drugsmonitoring!

If you are looking for drugs or any information then you are sure to find it here. We are a site for those who value their time and do not want to go from pharmacy to pharmacy to find the right medication because we do drugstore price monitoring. The site will tell you where you can buy medications you need, their cost or quantity and also if you need to know some extra information about the pharmacy: contact phone, time of work, the possibility of delivery and so on.

To find a medicine in an online pharmacy analytics type in the search box name of drug. After the introduction of the first three letters of the name you will be offered options for titles. Next in the list of medicines you choose the necessary name and dosage. Or you can view the description.

Information Company Drugsmonitoring is a complex of technical equipment and professional team allowing adequately perform the task set before the enterprise - uninterrupted supply of public by information. The purpose of the project - to provide search by suggestions of many pharmacies, provide current, up to date info on the availability and online pharmacy prices, to do a searching of medicines in pharmacies more simple and fast for customers.

Our mission - to provide relevant instruction on medication online price and facilitate the search for drugs to give an answer to the ever-pressing question: where to buy medicine, where you can buy a rare drug?

Drugsmonitoring project does not belong to any of the participants in the pharmaceutical market; it is completely independent and therefore provides reliable info on the availability and pricing on medications.

We have extensive experience in the market and carry out the following services:

  1. Information and reference services to the population on the availability of medicines in pharmacies around the world and their cost. Computer system database of Drugsmonitoring is updated daily and includes more than 5000 items of medicines.
  2. We provide online pharmacy that can provide advice on various aspects of medicine that you need.
  3. Conducting market research and statistics in the field of "supply and demand" of pharmaceutical products on the basis of the activities of all pharmacies.
  4. The selection of relevant analogues medications for you.
  5. The ability to find an online pharmacy that will deliver the medication with low prices in your area.
  6. You will receive basic data about the preparation and official instructions from the manufacturers.

How do we get the data from pharmacies and do pharmacy price monitoring? From each of pharmacies we get full information about the current availability and prices. This data is updated continuously and regularly we get them out of more than 200 pharmacies. If pricing information relevant exceed 3 days we remove it from our database thus providing only valid data.